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While that’s true, compare the changes in public schools and churches and tell me there is like for like concern


Oh it’s totally on me.
I get this really weird blind spot when any organisation are found to be systemically and actively covering up children being raped.

I’m glad you can forgive.


The vast majority of people who work in these places are as appalled by this behaviour as you are. Generalising isn’t helpful.

The amount of churches that exist is quite high, and with a lot of differences. The Catholic and Protestant churches are very different and the vast majority of protestant churches have not been involved in this sort of issue and have actually fought hard against it.

In any organisation that deals quite deeply with children (orphanage, schools etc) have had serious issues in this regard. There is a good reason for that and it is hard to stop from happening. A lot of the issues from the 70’s and 80’s are being looked at and, hopefully, the oversight will lesson this moving forward. It sadly won’t stop it, humans being what they are.

Most churches have set up to try and stop this happening and to follow the right legal and moral practice and do what they should do, protect the children.

An institution like the RCC is harder because it is set up to be a secret organisation that doesn’t want to change. They stopped being Christian in practice a very long time ago and it was more about gaining power and money.

The Salvos as a whole do an amazing job in society and amongst the poorer people. They also have trouble because they set themselves up to not allow outsiders to look in. From what I am hearing a lot of that is changing as they grapple with this issue from within. That doesn’t mean the whole thing is a sham and all of them are bad people. The vast majority work hard and sacrifice a lot to help others.


The vast majority did nothing to stop the monsters.


The right legal practice… like fighting to make sure they don’t become a legal entity that can be prosecuted for raping children?


Accepting legal responsibility would be a great place to start.


All the church hierarchies spent decades actively quashing allegations, paying off victims, and lobbying against the whole concept of the royal commission. They all stink.


Exactly correct.

I put it to many of the local Roman Catholics in my Town, questioning why they are active in other matters but refused to be outspoken on child rape. Silence ruled.

The parish priest was a very nice bloke, who became a priest late in life after a career as an engineer and a wife who died. His response was that he was appalled and ashamed but was under Church rules to be quiet.

IceTemple is correct that child rapists are in all levels and parts of our Society, and should be all hounded to earth and eradicated. However the role of Organisations like the RCC, Salvos, Anglicans and other Churches is an edictment of all members, who have not actively condemned them, internally or externally.


The vast majority didn’t know. I am talking about all members of all churches world wide. Not a select few leaders at the top. You want to blow hard, go after them, but the vast majority of Christians had no idea what was going on until it was exposed.

The RCC itself is a different beast, they act almost like a cult. A lot of members will defend the RCC no matter what crap they get up to. Very strange beast.

I agree that a lot of leadership people have been morally reprehensible but not most Christians. You lot like to brand all Christians the same, but that is ridiculously simplistic and not all real. Most of you in here place the Mormons and JW’s as Christians, they are so far removed from that setup it is not funny, they are about as Christian as a Muslim is.

It is far too simplistic to just label it all the same, it isn’t and never really has been. The failure of the past and the cover ups are not limited to Christian organisations, they went on in pretty much all institutions at the time and in some places, still do. Just go and have a look at the UN and see what goes on under their umbrella and the amount of coverup and “moving” that takes place as part of the coverups.


That’s a way bigger reply than the OP deserved.

Except for you apologetic last par.


It goes beyond religion.
it got ignored, it got exposed, the enablers protected the perpetrators, and the head of the organisation went to great lengths to get people to look at the dead bird.
When I think about it I don’t even think of the church or look at catholic or whichever clergy differently.
I just want to put a spike through the head of which ever sick ■■■■ fkd up a child’s life even before it began.


Even if that is true, most Christians did nothing once it was exposed.

Stop making excuses for them.

And seriously, Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses, Seven Daty Adventist are all Christian, just like Catholics, Salvos and Anglicans.


How do you know most Christians did nothing about it? Do you know every Christian personally? Do you know what I did about it for example?

Also that last sentence shows you know nothing about Christianity, they are not all Christian at all, not even close.

Stop being a clown.


I’d argue Mormons aren’t.

I think I’d draw the line at the last major prophet who’s included as canon.


Your definition of Christian is so restricted as to be irrelevant.
Is the Pope Christian?


I don’t know him personally, but if he thinks Mary can save his soul, then no, he would not be Christian. If he thinks only Jesus Christ can, then yes, he is, if he believes and confesses that.

Also it is not my definition, it is God’s.


Stop talking smack about me you guys


Pretty sure he says the occasional Hail Mary.
As does pretty much every single Catholic as they near death.

So I have no idea who you’re talking about when you say ‘real Christians.’


I gave you the definition.


Yeah, you did.
And it is of no practical use whatsoever.