George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


Seriously guys stop


To you maybe.


To anyone.
One guy thinks people who live piously and appeal to Mary near death, as is a…beyond common tradition, isn’t really Christian?

You think that.

It doesn’t help with anything.


God has no place in organised religion



Trying to argue the pope might not be christian

Yeaaaahhh. Nice one mate.


Anyone who tells you that they know what happens to you after you die is seriously bulls****Ing. Whether it is a fanciful, elaborate ancient story or a half-baked new ager- all of them are without any EVIDENCE.

Regarding child abuse- any group besides a religious organisation would have been banned if they had been responsible for what the catholic church has got away with.


UN hasn’t been banned yet.


Do you have a comparable Risdale case study?


This whole (completely ridiculous) argument is based on a misunderstanding by IT of Barnz’s post. I don’t think that Barnz was placing any responsibility on rank and file Christians. I agree with IT on that point. I don’t place any blame on what happened on my catholic-ish parents, or my extremely catholic grandparents. They were, and are, rightly appalled at what’s happened and had no knowledge at the time it was happening. They’re not responsible IT and I don’t think anyone is saying they are (or you are).

The organisation though is a different story. The senior people who actively covered it up, the clergy/nuns who knew what was going on (or didn’t ask enough questions) and looked the other way, the lawyers who set up the structure to protect the church’s assets. All of them, and I mean all of them, are responsible, and if I was making the decisions every last one of them would be prosecuted until their dying days.


I have…seriously…no idea where IT is coming from.
Defending Catholics, while disavowing one of their major tenets of faith.

Are we to believe that…out of nowhere…say, the CBA would defend farking child molesters because they happened to work for them?
That they would move them on, as was very easy for them, without a thought of a crime being committed?

■■■■ no.
Of course they ■■■■■■■ wouldn’t and I’m offended by the suggestion that they would.
These people were protected for GOD.
No ifs, no buts, that’s why.


I think they were protected to protect the organisation and its purpose (as far as they saw it). Agree entirely with the rest of your post. I don’t understand it at all.

I should also say I have dealt with these issues during my career (when I was working with a particular law enforcement agency). Some of the tactics that the church lawyers used when dealing with victims in the 90s was unbelievably appalling and made my stomach turn (still does actually).


Okay, minor point, but relevant.
I had three maiden aunts.
Seriously. Maiden aunts.
They lived together their whole lives.

They were the exact stereotype annoyingly faithful people you can imagine.
Doing the rosters.
So much varnish that I’m surprised they weren’t poisoned.
But no, they all lived into their nineties.

Wouldn’t say boo to a goose, but bet your life they prayed to Mary.

I’m a bit miffed at the suggestion they weren’t Christian.


That’s my point.
The suggestion that any other organisation would have done the same.

Would they?


I never said if you pray to Mary you are not saved. But I will send you a PM to explain, don’t want to just keep going in here, it isn’t the point of the thread.


Also. I’ve alluded to this previously, but…
The best man at my wedding was abused by Risdale.

It changed him.
I can’t fully imagine how, but…

I mean it doesn’t define him. He dealt with a lot of other stuff, too.
He had a very Catholic mother.
The church wouldn’t recognise the fact that his father was gay as an acceptable excuse for divorce.
So the new marraige wasn’t recognised by the only people they wanted it recognised by for over a decade.

But he dealt with Pell.
I have skin in the game, that’s why I’m here.

It’s not anti-IT.
I wept when Hollingworth resigned.
Not scared to say it.


Also, glad DT has been banned.


The church probably grew suspicious after he hadn’t been accused of molesting anyone .


The war on Catholicism. Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ has been banned. But, you can buy Christmas Trees in October and, Hot Cross buns in December.


OK, I don’t know every Christian, even my street. What I do know that there no organised or impromptu demonstrations in my Town, and there are many pious Christian types.

Victims and their Supporters protested strongly in Ballarat, and most Christians just ignored them.

I may have big feet, but you are the clown.