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Always said it had the IQ of a Burger Bun, …indisputable now.




The Catholic Church is the victim in all this.

How can you even write such utter garbage.


I’m just querying the practicality of the law.
And your doctors example is a good one - how many doctors/shrinks have dobbed in their patients?

I’m guessing the number is somewhere between nil and zero.
And that’s not because they are holding back - its purely because offenders of this type are not prone to confessing to anyone.


I’ll give you the tip - anyone who rapes children is not going to willingly confess to it.


What on earth are you dribbling about now?


Fair enough.
And how many have had to go to the police because one of their patients has confessed to them?


Well, logic will say that if the answer to that question is ‘one’, then the law should apply to the church also.
Because anything at all that helps catch these people out, is worth more than the comfort a child rapist may get from confessing in confidence.
Now, to me, that would mean that even less people would confess this crime since they are not guaranteed secrecy. But it would also take away something important from them - the feeling that they are somewhere, somehow - forgiven for the crime - without actually ever being tried as everyone else is tried.


You utter troll.


By the way screw this talk of confession. A confession is only relevant after a crime has been committed. It is not good enough for the church to play semantics on wether they report crimes. My expectation of them is they do everything within their power to root out and prevent crimes from happening in the first place. If 30% of priests are booted out of the church I don’t care. They need to get serious and implement all possible procedures and policies to stop this.

I expect construction companies to manage safety of their workers.

I expect banks to prevent fraud

I expect oil companies and miners to prevent environmental incidents.

Times up Catholic Church, society expects you to implement zero tolerance policies. If there is a single future case of child abuse by the clergy you have failed. That’s your only goal zero harm from now on. If you are a catholic you should want the same thing.


I would have thought reporting to police someone who confesses - whatever context - to raping a child a fairly uncontroversial measure in a civilized society.

The fact we need to impress upon people the need to do this , through law, an indictment.


I can only think of one reason anyone would have for not wanting this implemented.


I can assure you your estimate is way off the mark.
In fact, extrapolating from one hospital I’m sure it happens every day.

Your desperate defence of the Catholic Church against being accountable for child molestation is ugly and bewildering.
I have no idea what it had to do with money, or ‘teh right’, but…

Just be against child molesters and their enablers for ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ sake.


Don’t health workers have legal obligations to report suspected sexual abuse and child neglect. In that they don’t need confessions, they will call in police or health workers just from suspicion something isn’t right.

I would have thought health workers are one of the best groups in preventing harm.


You’d be very, very, very wrong.


That even goes down to plebs like me.
We’re obligated to report suspicions.

Mind you, we have psych nurses who see…guessing an estimate here…upwards of a dozen people per day, and a decent amount of them were abused as children.
The psych nurses don’t have to guess.

Edit: Without wanting to gross people out too much, we’ve had one kid who was whored out by her parents.
So…yeah. It’s somewhat higher than between none and fuckall.


Do you understand that Doctors and all allied Health Professionals are not only obliged to go to the Police, but it is a criminal offence if they don’t.


I think you might be talking about different things. There’s an obligation for doctors, nurses, social workers, etc., to report suspected cases of child abuse. That happens all the time when children show up with fractures, bruises, concussion and so on. Most parents have had the experience of taking junior to casualty with a limb injured in a play accident and being very closely questioned about the precise circumstances in which it occurred.

That’s different from being required to report confessions. I’m not aware of that happening very often, probably because I doubt that many such confessions are made.


Better not bring in a law that might bring child sex offenders to justice

Two people on the internet reckon it mightn’t ever be applied.

This is really where we are, folks.


Well you have the power. Ban the ■■■■!