George Pell is definitely Coming Home now Tim


You would need to ask the police to get the answer to your question.

Seeing how it’s mandatory, it’s not too much of a guess to say at least one, however it could be 1000’s.

Where and when the abuse occurred is another question, and the police would have the stats on that too. The breakdown of offenders, no matter who it is, would have to be recorded somewhere.


Just as a matter of interest, assuming I’m one of the two, can you point out exactly where I said the law shouldn’t be brought in.

So far as I recall, all I’ve done is question whether it will have much effect.


True. But he’ll just come back, again, and it’s worth it for the comedy of his constant self ownage.


If it saves 1 child, it has done its job.

It’s telling for me, as a lapsed Catholic, that even after hearing through the Royal Commission the horrors of the abuse suffered by children, there is still push back from senior members of the church. No way would I want my children part of an organisation that has such warped beliefs.


I said you questioned whether it might ever be applied.

For a lawyer, you’re not very good at reading.


Okay, if that’s the way you want to play it, go right ahead.


It’s only different if your hung up on confessionals. The church can keep their confessionals for all I care.

Answer me how the church has any moral standing if they don’t implement policies to root out all potential pedophiles from the church. At the first sniff of improper behaviour, boot them out of the church and call the cops. Why do they need to wait for confessions. Stop the crime from happening.

No law needs to be enacted. The church should and must clean them selves up.


i can’t believe that george pell was responsible for the VAR decision against the socceroos. what a scumbag.


In some professions and volunteer organisations in Vic, it is mandatory to have a reporting procedure if any possible offence against a child is detected. Whether that be thru a child directly saying something or any orher person.


Catholicism places the concept of divine forgiveness though its instrument the priest via the sacrament Confession above other laws of the land. One true God and therefore one true law.


Yeah I know.

People fall behind confessionals and celibacy as immutable things and they probably are.

But the concept you mentioned is the one that can change and must change. They can seek forgiveness behind bars. If they want to set the moral bar they need to meet it first. Currently way behind community morals.


Absolutely agree.


Yeah im not ranting at you. I’m ranting at the system man. ■■■■■■■ Tripper and his trolling.


Wow - so much hate for simply pointing out that the proposed law is essentially useless.

Non Catholics have this weird idea about the confessional box. Most Catholics use it as free form of therapy.

And again from a practical perspective how would the proposed law work. A priest says person x confessed something to him. Person x then denies it.

How pointing out something like this is ‘trolling’ is beyond me.
Cue calls for banning, abuse and threats.


I don’t agree with the calls for a ban, as I’m of the opinion that unless you are personally attacking someone or purposefully trying to generate angst or hatred, you are entitled to your opinion on a public forum.

Regarding the above bold - it’s pretty simple - it would work exactly as it would outside the confessional, in all other areas of life. As a piece of evidence.


Perhaps - you could never charge someone based on that though. You would need lots of other bits of evidence.

And thankyou for your support too. A welcome civilised change.


“So I raped a child”
“Do 12 hail mary’s”
“Thank you”


It’s pretty much the first google result as well.



Almost always the case. It is not often that someone is convicted on one unsubstantiated piece of evidence. But it would certainly lead to investigation of the issue, which would potentially lead to more evidence and hopefully a just result.
Can you see a downside to that?


Summed up the plot of Spotlight.