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People use confession in multiple different ways. Some use it literally, ie to confess, whilst others use it to discuss issues that are concerning them.


Given the sanctity of confession, how do you know what people use it for?


Canon law has been around a lot longer than most criminal laws.


Does it mean that religious law supersedes civil law in a secular society? Where do you draw the line? Would you have no issue with implementation of aspects of Sharia then based on that argument?


18 months more?


So what…do you think that The Catholic Church should be above the rest of society?


Personal experience.
You might want to ask yourself that same question though.


Also - child molestation has been around a lot longer than criminal laws.


My feeling is that canon law should run in parallel with societies laws.

And Australia is not an Islamic country.


I grew up a Catholic and attended a Catholic primary school…I still keep in touch with many of my friends from those days.

Not one of them has ever mentioned a single word about what they have said in the confessional box.

So there’s your answer.

Please give a bit more detail of your “personal experience”


Do you believe that Australia is a Catholic country then?


Why should the Catholic Church get any preferential treatment?


So basically you don’t know what is said in Confession. Thankyou for proving my point.


Oh, that really made me laugh…my point is that people don’t go around spouting what they say in confession.

But for some reason, you’re saying that they do…and yet you provide no detail to support your point of view.


I think Trip just outed himself. :thinking:


It’s not a theocracy. It’s not a Catholic country. It’s a secular state.

Cannon law and civil law are at odds here. They can’t run parallel.


There are more non religious people in Aus now than there are Catholics.


Do you even understand what my original point was?
Because to me it seems like you are getting angry over nothing.

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More people report being none religious than Catholic.


It’s only my opinion HG.
If you look at the 10 commandments, the basic principles of those apply to societies laws (give or take some exceptions)