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I’d be inclined to agree that confession is very therapeutic for a lot of religious people.

Of course, one of the great myths is that confession cleans the slate and you can go out committing the same crime again and again, eg Mafia. You’re supposed to repent, and resolve not to do it again.

The old proverb does say “confession is good for the soul”. Better than bottling up your problems.


Fair enough re your opinion. We can agree to disagree!


I went back and reread your original point…and I think that I probably did misunderstand the point you were making so my apologies.

I wasn’t getting angry…I just thought you were ignoring my question…but as I said above, I can see that I was wrong.


And Sharia law has been around longer than that.
Yet you don’t think that’s ok.


If you’re trying to point out the clergy have zero credibility? If you are, you’re probably right, but someone still has to lie to police.



But if it is the lead, that starts the investigation, that leads to the charge, that puts one kiddie rapist in jail: it’s a good thing.


I’d think the serious offences against the person: murder, rape, child abuse.


Yes…well, I knew that.


This is a garbage thread.



Came in here to ask if this thread was going anywhere.

So, is this thread going anywhere?


True. I still reckon the climate change thread is bottom of the barrel.


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Anyone think any of the 4,400 victims identified during the RC would have liked a safe place to report it? Imagine they had had allies within the church.


A lot did have allies within the church, it is just that those allies were also silenced.


Is a silent ally an ally at all?


It depends. Having the support is something that is valued even if that support cannot alter what has happened.

However there were many who tried to deal with this issue and found themselves worse off due to providing that support. The fact they did this even knowing what would happen to them should be spoken about and applauded, not just thrown aside like your comment seems to show.

An ally is still an ally even if change doesn’t occur when you want it to.


Yeah, I don’t think I’m that far off the mark at all.

I don’t rate very highly an adult who shows compassion but does nothing while a child is sexually abused. They may be worse off - whoopdifuckindoo. They should burn the joint down.


You really don’t know anything do you? Just want to have a go at everyone because that fixes things.

I know of two priests (and no I will not share their names) that were initially ostracised and then eventually shipped to Africa the moment they started speaking out. They both died over there.

If you think the media of that era cared about those stories and did much to promote them then you are even more full of shyte.

So fark you and the high moral horse you rode in on.


Come on IT, even the farking Roman Catholic Church in Australian cannot force Priests to move to Africa.

I understand your position, but I know of a Priest who did stand-up to his Bishop, and he was ostracised but quit the Church and campaigned against it. I would argue strongly if more Catholics from 50, 60 and more years ago had stood up for their kids then this whole evil pack of cards would have collapsed.

Even today, I do not understand or accept any Catholic having anything nice to say about what occured, and in my opinion being silent is the same as saying nice things.


I agree that being silent is wrong, my point was that not everyone was and those that perpetuate that myth need to stop it. The leadership of the RCC is rotten and has been for some time but not the whole church is.