George Pell is definitely Coming Home now Tim


It used to happen when I was in primary school, and the Priest was too busy to do individual confessions.

Not sure what the Priest was busy doing but I will think the worst.


I will consult one or two of my relatives who remain in contact with ecclesiastical matters.

I have no recollection whatsoever of such an occurrence. If it did happen, I suspect it was purely for minor transgressions like telling the odd porky or a bit of hand to gland combat, not for so-called mortal sins.


Except my post was referring to civilians at confessionals, rather than priests - Would you expect clerics to do anything else ? History shows they protect their own which is reflected in your link - And you didn’t address the conflation of two different issues being Clergy being mandated to report cases of abuse and clergy reporting confessions.


Uh, yes.


This will put a kink in your colon, so don’t read if it upsets you:


You are naive - For heaven’s sakes parents have been known to put faith before the needs of their children.


Well, that bit’s right innit?
I would think his health would suffer greatly…


One would hope.


I would be very upset if his health didn’t suffer in jail


So much sexual assault and rape goes unreported because of the existence of so many cowards with this kind of attitude. hurrrrrrrrrr but where’s the evidence, durrrrrrrrr maybe it was only a minor rape. murrrrrrrrrrr all you need to do is speak about it constantly to strangers repeatedly for a conviction to probably not happen it’s that easy


What experience are you basing this on?


No you aren’t.


What is the basis on which you say that? Just as a matter of interest.


Just because you say you’re a lawyer it doesn’t obligate me to believe you are one, so as far as I’m concerned you’re not a lawyer.




Enough of the ad hominem attacks thanks. Let’s just wait for the facts to come out.


I see what you did there.


I have made this point before, but would you believe Fr McArdle? Seems like a handy device for shifting blame in a way that can’t be corroborated.


What, shifting blame by saying I was a serial offending rock spider?
Only a die hard “they’re persecuting the church” type could think like that.
And I reckon, for what it’s worth, he’s probably telling the truth. At least about the confession bit. He’d know with absolute certainty he would be reported, and more than likely believe that God would forgive him if he confessed. A big win for him.


An admission of guilt is often followed by the minimisations.