George Pell is definitely Coming Home now Tim


You once banned me for a month for severe criticism of the Gillard government (such as it was). Are you going to ban Bacchus for advocating summary execution (bullet in the back of the head, to be precise) without trial for persons accused of child molestation?

I’m betting the answer is no.


Sorry but I handed in my mod badge quite a while back. Modding through the saga kind wore me out.
So I can’t do that anymore.
Best I could do now is call him Pinochet.
I don’t like what he said anymore than you do.




Fair enough. It would have worn Superman out.


OK, Alleged Lawyer, let’s give them a trial and then execute.

For the record Boot; I have always been an advocate for capital punishment for murder, rape and child abuse convictions.

Didn’t agree with Pinochets death squads, don’t agree with Duerte killing drug dealers and users.

Dirty Harry only shot blokes shooting at him.


Being critical of Julia deserved a lifetime ban.

Is that you Tony ?


Wrong, … particularly in the 1st film.

He shot the guy who was running across the Footy field away from him.

“Go on out and get some air Fatso …” … One of the best film lines ever.


But if any bad guy in the history of movies deserved to have 6 warning shots fired between his eyes, it was that guy. In Dirty Harry.

I think Bacchusfox is more a fan of Stalin’s purges.

Invite the Comintern back to Moscow for some meetings and shoot a fair percentage of them. Send your boys to Spain to “help” the Spanish communists and execute them.


Absolutely agree with capital punishment for those crimes.
I don’t have a massive problem with Duterte either and most of the people we encounter over there don’t either. Manila definitely has felt a lot safer at night the last couple of times we have been there, whether that’s just perception or not only they would know




“Hi there stranger, do you wish to go on record as having any problems at all with the president who encourages cops to summarily murder people he doesn’t like?”


We travel to the Philippines a bit as my best mate married a Filipino and so with her family we have dozens of places to stay for free and visit whilst there. Almost all of her family and friends aswell as the neighboring villages and cities are in support of him. Obviously there are some who dislike him and will quite openly discuss it. I can’t vouch for other islands or provinces.


Well that’s the thing about summary “justice”. It sure cleans up the streets. You just have to accept that there will be some completely innocent people shot without trial and hope that you’re not one of them.

It’s also a pretty good way of getting rid of people who are proving troublesome, such as political opponents.


A guy I know through work’s mum got ripped off on a land deal about 6 months ago. Her other son (brother) went to confront the guys who ripped her off and was shot dead in cold blood.
Cops not interested, and he doesn’t want to get the mob/army involved.

Joint’s well and truly ■■■■■■.


Works for me.


Ruthless dictatorship is just fine so long as me or one of my mates gets to be the ruthless dictator.


Unless it was someone you loved who was killed, of course. Like a daughter or a grandson. Then it would kinda suck a little.


Yes. I kind of assumed Bacchus saw himself in the role of judge/executioner rather than recipient of the bullet in the back of the head. Most supporters of that sort of system do.


Or someone you know is corrupt pulled the trigger


To quote the great philosopher Thomas Yorke:

“When I am King, you will be first against the wall,
with your opinions that are of no consequence at all”.