George Pell is definitely Coming Home now Tim


It starts with a single drop, then becomes a series of drips, then a trick, all the way down to a flood. The Catholic church is unraveling and due in large part to the inaction of those at the top, who had the power to do something positive the abuse. Priests who commit sexual assault are criminals, plain and simple. Letting them get away with it, and doing nothing for the victims isn’t just covering up or enabling this behaviour, but constitutes complicity in a criminal conspiracy.


You could look at Mother Teresa here too.

She thought that looking after people meant starving them of medical treatment was the right thing to do, because their suffering brought them closer to God.


She was a psychopath ■■■■.

I wish there was a hell so that she could burn in it.


This woman is a saint…

Mother Teresa said she told one cancer patient that pain means Jesus is near to you and that suffering is “an opportunity to share in the passion of Christ.” She said she compared suffering to kisses from Jesus. She said the person replied, “Please tell Jesus to stop kissing me.”


Maybe I didn’t convince you last time @Alan_Noonan_10 , but as I said in a previous thread, she managed to organise shelter to literally millions of people, who voluntarily came to her organisation for decades, when no-one else would care for them. Such a disappointment for a single woman from Albania. I guess Chris Hitchens and her other detractors were jealous because their own leprosy hospitals lost custom.


Didn’t South Park do something along those lines - or was it ghandi.