Getting Old - The 40+ Brigade

Anyone else ever look at themselves in the mirror and sense a total disconnect between what age you look vs how you actually feel? I had a moment yesterday walking past a mirror and thought I saw my (late) Dad. Being in my early 40s is suddenly like an awakening to the reality of age. The grey hair, glasses, tired eyes.

Now, I keep seeing 50 and even 60 year olds who look fit, healthy, and importantly happy. But at the same time seeing young folks come into my work environment full of hope and optimism (while I range from tired to cynical) does put things in perspective.


At least you’re not 24 and feel 50.

How would you know?

You know what they say “Youth is wasted on the young” :slight_smile:

I’m fine with how I look/feel.
I do get insanely jealous of twenty somethings because they have it all ahead of them.
And I get cross with young nurses saying they feel in a rut.
You have a skill that is required literally everywhere. Stop moping you lucky ■■■■■■■.


I’m 27 and feel 60 but my brain still tells me I’m just 19 still, oh and my ■■■■ is that of a ravaged 90 year old war vet.


My problem is I recently realised (after previously misunderstanding a tax issue) that I could likely retire some years earlier than expected.

It’s still quite distant, but having something resembling a date has poisoned my mind. HURRY UP.

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You’re in your 40s and feeling old.

Here’s something to look forward to.

It doesn’t get better. It only gets worse. Exponentially.


True dat.

But, there is also a saying ‘Life begins at 40’ . :slightly_smiling_face:

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well as someone who had kept fit most of my age and now 5 2 i dont even compare myself to anyone my age.

ive climbed mountains in the himalayas ran numerouus marathons run 42km when your 42!

rode my bike the length of the great ocean road.

am riding sydney to gold coast for youth off the streets next may!

i was full of hope optimism i worked hard shift work for 34 years have set myself f up to retire @ 57

oh and dont worry i still enjoyed it all growing up to the point if it wasnt for the indulgent 80"s id be retired now!

just get on with it and dont think about it!


Why do we get long ear hairs with age? Can someone please explain the ear hairs?


It’s not just the Ear hairs, but the Ears themselves apparently grow more past a certain Vintage.

Noonan hasn’t risked going out in more than a stiff breeze for a couple of decades now.


Nose hairs can become a problem also, but if you are patient and clever enough you can train them into a fashionable, natty moustache.


Whatever you do, DON’T pull them out, as I used to.

Can LITERALLY kill you.


Why would I move down to the South-West Coast? Went for a walk along the Rail Trail east from Koroit Station…fair old breeze blowing…no Hirdization of the Port Melbourne Piers.

You’re only as young as the women you feel (in a consentual way)

I once had the top score on Addams Family at the local pub for, like, ages…


Doing a job you don’t enjoy will do that to you.

It’s not the job.
They get itchy feet and think ‘is this what I’ll be doing forever?’ at 25.
Which I get. I was the same way.
This is by far the longest I’ve stayed in the same town since I left my home town at…25.

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It is really important to schedule some time for yourself, DM.

I was into weights and the gym in my 20s, have climbed mountains and hiked most of my life, but when fatherhood came along, all my time was devoted to work and family. Only those two - with watching sports from home (I have lived in Tokyo for the past 15 years) being my only real outlet. I am a very hands on Dad, so I actually restructured my work around raising my son (as a bilingual) and even created a Daddy/Son day (which until this year was every Thursday). Built a brilliant bond with him and have a truckload of wonderful memories, however, I realise that I haven’t had any time for myself over the past 7 years.

Now that my son is in primary school, I have started hiking/climbing again and have even started to pull out my old notes on climbing Aconcagua (LT dream of mine). I have started checking out karate clubs for my son and my wife has forced my hand, so I will join up with him shortly. And I hope to get him into the mountains in the near future (we have completed a few 1/2 day hikes together already).

To recap, it is important to get some physical exercise. My best mate, a 4th Dan BB in Hapkido, once said to me “We gain far more energy/vitality from training and getting fit than we lose by training”.

You can incorporate it with family, but don’t hesitate to schedule some time to pursue your own individual interests as well.

Off to lose the 40-something man boobs and muffin top. All the best.