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Like “Logan’s Run”?


I’m 42 now and the the main thing I’ve noticed is that the aches and pains after sport or exercise seem to last longer, and it is definitely much harder to maintain a base level of fitness than it used to be.

On the flip side, my Dad won three gold medals in the Australian Masters team at the world dragonboating championships in Hungary when he was 65, so you’re never too old to achieve something great.


Oh I do that with my business too. Thankfully it’s only like 1-2% who are really rude.


We had a little bit more than that.

Mrs Fox and I did our annual business review a few years ago and found that the customers we liked were paying more than the ones we really did not like. Yep, we gave discounts to shut them up I guess.

So we reversed it and gave the goodies better deal and ■■■■■■ off the others. We might sell these but we have a better business atmosphere for everyone.


Hang on. Plucking nose hair can kill you?!?!*

*That is not all I took from this thread, by the way…


Well I just had 2 stents put in my heart, after a blood clot.

Anyone had this procedure,and been able to get back to being able to do intense exercise?

Im 44,paying for past sins me thinks.


I have a stent.
I’m fine.


Ah ok.
Do you do any rigourous exercise?


I got diagnosed with a leaky hole in one of my heart valves earlier this year. Apparently have had it since I was 13 (rheumatic fever). The doctor was blasé about it. “Yeah, you may need a valve replacement in 10yrs but with technology progressing it will be a perfectly easy procedure.”


Yep. The stent doesn’t have any negative effect.
The reason for the stent in the first place is another thing.
You have two stents - for clots - ? Did you have a heart attack or stroke?


I’ve been doing it for years. Must be doing it wrong.


Im 42. I feel mid 20s in the mind, but I have developed a shorter fuse for fuckwits but I,ll still have a laugh at silly things like a well timed fart like a 14 year old!:grin:


Short fuse? I’ll give you a SHORT FUSE MATE!


Oh no, not Solent Green.


Your Face Has A ‘Danger Triangle’ That Could Kill You

By Tom Hale 05 Jul 2016, 15:13

1-2 minutes

Along with wrinkles, worse hangovers, and balding, another joy that comes with getting older is nose hair. But if you want to keep your nose looking neat, here’s quick word of warning.

A video from Business Insider has some advice from Dr Erich Voigt, an expert in the field of otolaryngology (that’s a fancy word for the study of diseases affecting the ear, nose, and throat). He explains how plucking or trimming your nose hairs too short can lead to some fairly daunting side effects in the “danger triangle” of your face. Due to the channels of blood supply from the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the nose, plucking those nasal hairs can let some unwanted intruders into your nasal cavity, sinuses, and even your brain.


Heart attack.
Blood clot in left artery.
Thinning in right.


Good god!




Yeah. I first heard it a few years ago on some doco, … (Mosley?), and it instantly reminded me of another interesting doco tidbit, … that being that you should always be grateful if you ever get a cold sore on your mouth lip etc, … because 1 time in about a Million or something, that virus when triggered, (never goes away, just lies dormant near the top of the spine) can take a wrong turn and end up going directly to your brain, and you’ll be dead long before anyone can work out whats wrong to even try to treat it.


Yikes, some of these posts make me feel like I’m doing ok. I’ve been type 1 diabetic since 28, but despite my alcohol intake and other occasional but now rare indulgences my endocrinologist says I’m one of his model patients in terms of management. In some ways I think diabetes forced me to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and woke me up to the fact that life is short. You never know what’s around the next corner.