Getting Old - The 40+ Brigade


Oswald Mosley? Back to the National Party with you.


Not if you’re a farking girl :grimacing:


My biggest gripe is eyesight despite a balsa wood back.


Well, I’m no doctor, but I’ll tell you this - I do a cardiac stress test once a year. It’s more strenuous than a rigorous workout and is designed to push things to the very max. Doubt that would be a standard thing if there was any danger. That said - people are different, so speak to your cardiologist.


I’m 38 and unfit as ■■■■. This thread has scared the ■■■■ out of me. My life is at least past the half way mark. That’s a scary thought.

One thing I’ve noticed as you get older is you just don’t give a ■■■■ about other people as much. You know what you like and what you don’t like and your ideal Saturday involves a few drinks in the afternoon rather than the evening.


Who gives a ■■■■ what you think.


By this stage, you’ve certainly decided what and who you like and what and who you don’t like, and don’t like people telling you you need to change some aspect of your life.

So when people tell me I should watch fantasy or horror or Asian action films, I tell them I’m very happy watching European films…and to mind their own ■■■■■■■ business.


You are far too polite to tell them that.


I will prolly struggle to find em, but if I do & manage to superglue em back on, reckon I’ll be in with a fighting chance of surviving a while longer? :wink:


The great thing about being this old is you can remember EFC last premiership, probably at least 4 of them


My biggest bug bear is pain due to old injuries, and the wear and tear on them.

Been wondering lately, … If (when) I get my fcked hip fixed via a hip replacement, … could they actually use it to extend my shorter leg so my back could be more stable? :thinking:

If so, I would book in now.

Fk Backs, Fk Pain, and Fark Carlton.


I can remember the last 5, AN10 remembers them all.


How much hip do you need?


Not as much as you Peggy, … nowhere near as much. :smirk:


Little known fact, while most people know Macca’s other ex was a contributing member to his post Beatles outfit Wings, his later love HMills cut her musical teeth in the seminal Canadian outfit The Tragically Hip. On stomp box.



Reckon this is useful.

Worth doing as keeping yourself in good shape gives I think a better quality of life for longer.

That and money.


Seems lately many of my friends are having knee replacements and hip replacements and other replacements.

My joints are just fine, and when we sit down and compare activities, these blokes all rode bikes, lifted weights, played squash and ran on hard surfaces far more than I ever did. So while keeping yourself in good shape seems a good idea, maybe we all need to think a bit more about consequences, and do things that do not wear out body parts.


Yeah, … like playing fking Football.



Old people


My Achilles’ heel is my Achilles tendon.