Giving your ticket to a friend

Now that tickets are digital can someone explain to me how you can pass a member ticket that you can’t use to a friend. I tried taking a screen shot of the bar code but it tells me that this can’t be used for entry to the ground. I’ve added the barcode ticket to Google pay but there is no option for forwarding it.

psst sc/shts can be

I added it to Google pay and took a screenie. Hopefully that works for @Paul_Peos and @Preliminary_Point2.


Not sure what tells you the bar code can’t be used for entry? I asked on the phone to the member line and they said a screenshot would work, so I’m confused?

A QR code is a QR code, regardless of it being a copy or a screenshot.


Pull the barcode up on your phone.
Photocopy it.
Fax the photocopy to your friend.



Personally, I’d also send a copy by post.
I’d use carrier pigeon as well, but Covid budget cuts have been a ■■■■■.