Goal kicking

I can’t help but think how stupid it is that our training ground has gale force winds yet our home deck is indoors.

So when we practice goal kicking at training we are trying to measure wind and adjust for it etc etc.

Then in games it’s completely the opposite with not a breath of wind.

The set shot goal kicking tonight and against saints in the praccy was ******.

Anyway play on, this club doesn’t get much right.


All our reliably good set-shot goal kickers, aside from 2MP, are injured or not playing.
And it’s showing.


FFS, these are full time professional footballers…if the reason they can’t kick straight is because they train outdoors, we should just shut up shop.

We play at least 50% of our games outdoors so a windy training oval is not the reason for our crap kicking.

The club’s historical ground is “Windy Hill”

We need to stop coming up with lamearse excuses to explain poor execution.




Not being funny but a bit of back to basics homework for some of our Bombers wouldn’t go astray. Lloydy had a near impeccable kick for goal … and look what he achieved :dizzy:


Haha this is great

Get Matty Llyod back the club on a part time baises pay him what ever he wants

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It’s my opinion, based on watching the body language of Essendon players and observing their enthusiasm to handball off when in position to shoot at goal, that too many of them have no confidence at all in their goal kicking abilities. None.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Essendon players are professional footballers. You know, actually really well paid to kick that pigskin ball with accuracy.

Accurately kicking for goal, depending on player ability, waxes and waines over the years. In the 1948 Grand Final Essendon kicked 7.27 (69) to Melbourne’s 10.9 (69). Melbourne won the GF in the following week’s rematch.


So this is where high performance has influenced footy negatively imo.

Don’t practice goal kicking because it’s extra force through your legs. You should be able to kick goals from 40 out on most angles, but don’t practice it.

The art of goal kicking is absolutely invaluable imo


BT finds it amusing how clubs dont invest in goal kicking specialist should be a part of the coaching set up he’s right.

I was surprised parish missed his shots today, he’s usually very reliable.

Want surprised by Francis, Cox and McGrath missing.

All those shots were outside 40 though. I think we want shots from a little deeper than that.

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I find it frustrating the clubs have coaches for absolutely everything now, train for every single aspect of the game. But goalkicking for whatever reason gets left out or doesn’t get as much time put into it.

I remember Hird saying Lloyd used to be out practicing his goal kicking after training. The doctor/ physio would be telling him to go inside. He would say nope, my job is too kick goals.

I have read so many detailed training reports on here where goal kicking doesn’t get a mention or if it is, it’s more of a fun thing the players do at the end of training.

For such a critical part of the game, we need to be investing a lot more time into it


I was certain Cox would miss his and pretty sure McGrath would. I thought Francis would rise to the occasion with his second shot.

It’s really fkn disappointing.


You shouldn’t miss from 40m out directly in front. Was it 4 times yesterday we missed that shot? From memory Mcgrath, Durham, Parish, Francis and Cox all fluffed em.

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I don’t know how many times you need to be told that he doesn’t want to do it. Move on

Yeah. He was much better this week, but both of those misses killed momentum big time.

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Lloyd could kick goals but he was also working with JD on goal kicking without much discernible improvement.

we need a forward line shake up

wanganeen for smith is a no brainer and if waterman is still alive I’d bring him in. he’s a good kick for goal and he normally manages to get on the scoreboard

we need a different look up forward, and fast


It’s really simple.

Look at our players running into goal. The only ones who run in straight atm now are Walla, Wright and Perkins.

Most others run in at an angle. They are missing to that angle.

Draw a line from the centre of the goals to the person on the mark. Run in on that line.

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If anyone but wright or tippa are lining up outside 20m I’ve already come to terms with it’s gonna be a behind.

We’ve won marks inside 50 count the first 2 weeks.

We kick those easy shots, McGrath, Parish x2, Francis x2, Cox and Durham and we win, it’s as simple as that.

Lions at one stage were 8 Goals 1 from set shots yesterday. That’s the difference

Baffling how there’s not more time invested in goal kicking.