Going to the Football Solo

Some people think it’s weird.

It is if you’re an essendon fan and tugging it to franklin in the top deck.


Love it, get to cruise around the grog squad on the ■■■■ high fiveing strangers all game.

Leave the missus at home.


You get to argue with yourself,when your 40 points down early in the last.
On when you make your exit.

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It was a lot weirder before smart phones.


gotta periscope your lads in to safe on ticket $$$$

It’s not solo if you’re just waiting for a mate


How many years have you been waiting?


You ok there mate? Want me to go with you next time?

There was only one seat available. On centre wing, right on the fence. It would be irresponsible not to go.

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I’ll be able to touch him from my seat.

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“Match soured by Franklin groping incident”


It’s only on Foxtel over there which is a shame because I WILL be on tv tonight.

It’s weird

You’re weird

Going to the Easter Fair or Royal Show as we call it on your own is weird.

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When I was a kid, I would go to the VFL all the time on my own. Dad worked mostly and Mum barracked for the Kangas, and my sister is a dill, and most of my friends followed fark Carlton.

Getting to Windy Hill was easy, walk to the Pacco station, off at Glenburvie, then climb the fence near the Bowling Club. Sneaking in at the G was harder, until, I found that if you sold pies at least once they gave you a pass that could get you in for many weeks. I was an awful pie boy. Kangas played a year at Coburg, so it was a short bus ride to that ground, but I used to mostly stay outside at the City end and when a goal was kicked fight with the rest of the kids to steal the footy. I was quick, so once I got a ball, no-one could catch me. I even took one into the ground after a game and got players to sign it.

If Mrs Fox departs for whatever reason, I reckon moving to the Grog Squad would a cathartic experience, until I was too old to stand.


Cathartic is right.

It rocks if we win but is a very, very ugly place if we lose, and you will be forced to reconsider your views that there are fans of other clubs dumber than ours.

I don’t see what the issue is with going to the footy on your own. After my brother died, I saw no reason to hunt out fellow fans. I did watch games in the Grog Squad at Etihad during the mid 2000’s.

Based on form, BF, this might happen, If it does, you are welcome to come down to the grog squad. I have more fun in that mob that I ever had sitting on my own allocated sterile plastic MCG/Etihad seat.
If it was not called the Grog squad, it might be called the Brotherhood, or Personhood, since we need to be politically correct these days.

We even get into a circle and sing the song when we win. Just like the players, You cant do that when you ae sitting in a seat.

Nothing weird about it. Do it all the time. If you can’t get anyone to go with you, would rather still go and see the game in person than stay home and watch it on TV.


Was your nickname “SCUM” by any chance?

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