Golf and related musings


Fantastic. Live up to the hype?


It was fantastic.

If you are a golf tragic then I suggest you get a few of your golfing buddies together and makes plans to go.


Great article in the NYT today.


Sitting watching the players practice.
Gee they make it look easy!
Cant wait to get on the course tomorrow


Also my favourite sporting event on the planet.
Hoping Tiger and Phil are both in contention come Monday morning.
Great to see those two getting along like a house on fire lately because they’ve had a great rivalry over the years.

My tip to win it is Casey - always plays well there and is in good form winning a tournament a couple of weeks ago.

Smokey - Henley.


So Nicklaus let his 15 year old grandson hit one of his tee shots at the Par 3 contest today.

You know what happens next.


Some other dude hit a hole in one and buggered his ankle celebrating, might be in doubt for the big event.


That is simply awesome! How amazing would it have been to have been there to witness that!



hahaha… that is hilarious. Tournament over - He’s dead set last.


Give me another ball


Had my first ever hole in one today. Pretty pumped still.

Finished with a frustrating 73 ( +1)


Congrats! Could you see the ball go in? Were you playing comp/with mates?

I’d love to shoot 1 over for the day… even 10 over for the day.


Yeah luckily I did see it drop. 151m into a slight breeze. 6 iron, 1 bounce and in. Playing in the comp at Rosebud just with 2 randoms.

Now at home watching the 1st of the Masters. Golf golf golf golf!!


Well done… I hope you celebrated and the 2 randoms joined in for you.


Congrats. Welcome to the club.


Yeah they were going nuts too


did you buy the entire club house a round?

was at a course in queensland for that once, was too young for the drink at the time but it was some occasion.


Well done Vandrs!
Closest I’ve came is about a foot from the hole.


I had one hit the pin once (and it wasn’t going that fast, could easily have dropped). Thrilling and maddening at the same time