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This is amazing. He hits 5 quality golf shots. Each time he pitches it 2 metres longer showing just how much distance control he has and then it has a tiny bit too much bite and it’s gone.

It’s kind of rubbish, but also a really interesting discussion. Was the pin in a rubbish position, was the green far to fast, was he just playing from the wrong spot, or the wrong type of shot? Etc etc

Only sport in the world that can turn the best players in the game into the everyman. And why we love it.


Agree with all of that. The pin was in a difficult position and of course the greens at Augusta are notoriously like glass. However he’s the only one who made a 13.

He was hitting the sand as I understand? Surely after the third in the drink (second from the drop zone) his caddy should have convinced him to club up to the pitching!

The other thing I found amazing is how well he seemed to take it. That would be absolutely white hot rage inducing for 99.99pc of golfers. Im a pretty calm golfer I think but I would have been looking for children to kick in the head after that one.


My money is on Patrick Reed this year.

Looking good going into the weekend


God I hate him. Please someone beat him.

He shat me to tears early in the year when he 5 minutes to hit a shot on the 18th hole. Flog!!


Don’t like him either.
Remember early days in his career when he won a couple of tournaments and then was waxing lyrical about how great he was.


Pretty neat swing but


Really looking for Reed to shoot 80 tomorrow.


Oh god, yes please!!!

Interesting stat that no one has ever won the Masters with 4 scores in the 60’s.

I’ll be cheering hard for Rickie. He’s well over due.


Waking up to see Reed +1 is a nice start to the day.

Speith going HAM!!


Cmon John Rahm!
$10 on him at $29.


Yes yes!!


Speith is a freak


Absolutely flying Speith!!


Cam smith flying the flag nicely


Oh no Rahm!


Bogey, bogey finish thanks Reed



He’s very lucky he nearly jammed that putt on 17. If that’s missed the hole he’d of been 15 feet past.


Was a great finish. Well done to Reed.
So many players making a charge at different stages of the last round.
Speith was sensational!



Got nervous during the latter stages. Cashed out when Fowler made his birdie putt on 18. Didn’t win a fortune but enough to pay for my next footy trip to Melbourne.


Was so hoping Spieth or Fowler got up.
The more I’ve read over the weekend about Reed the more I dislike him.
Sure don’t believe everything you read but when people are on record about his behaviour hard not to believe where there is smoke there is fire.
Anyway he was too good.