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Dislike Speith.


Bubba sounds like a right ■■■■■■ also.


Yank Open this weekend.
Usually a brutal event and from what I’ve been reading this course fits the bill in making it tough for good scores.
Should be good.


Lookimg forward to it. Sporting smorgasbord this time of year.


Almost all the Australians sucking mitigated by Spieth sucking.

Very nearly an even trade.


Is what Phil Mickelson did the golfing equivalent of rubbing sandpaper against a cricket ball?


I wouldn’t think so…he was quite overt in his action and took the required two stroke penalty.

The sandpaper incident was supposed to be caught (though how they thought they would get away with it is beyond me)


Gee the USGA can stuff up a golf tournament with the way they trick up courses.


I think part of the problem is that the players on The PGA Tour are so used to everything being perfect and so struggle when it gets a bit tough (this is more than a bit tough)

The way I see it is that all players are playing the same course so they shouldn’t ■■■■■ and moan.


Shinnecock Hills like a few US Open courses is on the verge of being unplayable - The USGA is fair dinkum and they go back to Merian - Went back in 2013 with many stating the course was too short for the modern players - The course was a battle for the players BUT importantly wasn’t tricked up like other US Open courses - Winning score +1.


If it was a less profile golfer he would have been DQed.
This was the equivalent of a “professional foul”. There was no mistaking this was an accident or incidental event (where the ball just moves before striking). This was a foul to take advantage (ie reduce the damage) and only a DQ should have been awarded.


It’s been an overreaction I reckon. The winner will probably end up +3 or 4. It’s really not that bad.
It’s only par 70 too.
Pick the hardest par 4 and call it a par 5 and suddenly the winner will look 4 shots better


What was gunna be worse than the 2 shot penalty + still having to putt from Where the ball ened up? That’s 3 strokes and still no guarantee of holing


That;s why a 2 shot penalty wasn’t sufficient.


Good point…I hadn’t thought of that


oh the poor darlings with there technology driven golf clubs and balls that fly farther and straighter… as a 3 marker I love watching these guys shoot high scores…

Prizemoney doesn’t change for what score wins it after all!.


Reckon they got it wrong on the 3rd day and they admitted as much by saying they weren’t expecting the wind to spring up.
The 4th day although still challenging the greens had been watered making the greens easier to Putt on.
The US Open is meant to be hard and was still a great tournament.


Saturday at the US Open was a Fkg disaster. They overdid it totally. The USGA is fast turning their flagship event into a rolling joke. Chambers bay in 2015 was a farce. The penalties dished out at oakmont in 2016 almost resulted in the champion celebrating his victory then being told he’d incurred a penalty. What a farce! I like the fact the best players in the world can struggle, but setting up the courses the way they have the past few years is lunacy. No doubt the USGA reacted to a more than -10 winning score last year and ensured it wouldn’t happen again. Pebble Beach next year, let’s see if they can’t make a mockery of that too given Shinnecock Hills was the site of the second ever US Open but is now remembered for that fateful Saturday of the 118th edition.



Yeah hes a relative. Very sad.