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Taking aside his outstanding playing achievements, he’s my favourite designer. Some of my favourite courses are his designs and they all have his stamp. Black Bull, Ballarat, Rich River East to name a few. Has left an indelible mark on the sport in this country.


Sad news with Jarrod Lyle apparently not going to continue with chemo and will soon go into palliative care.

Just such a sad story but he is and will remain an inspiration.

■■■■ cancer


Horrible news. Cancer just stinks.


F**king awful.

Just gutted


So sad. I’ve met him a few times and he’s a ripping bloke. Hopefully his last few moments are filled with as much joy as he gave everyone he meet.


Incredibly sad. We lived in his street when he was a teenager. Often drove home of an evening to see him having a kick to kick with his brother Leighton , and saw him off to golf with his buggy attached to the back of his BMX. Same age as my daughter brings it home even more. Cannot imagine the heartache for Sally, John and Bri.


Good read. Tough read.

An article from Allenby re Lyle



Just so sad. You knew it was going to happen but it still hurts.



R.I.P Jarrod.
Condolences to his family and friends from all my family.
Way too young.:disappointed_relieved:


RIP. Very very sad.


RIP. Way too young.


Sad day.




Brighter musings


Woods starting to make a move on the second day after slow start.
Big fairways certainly suit him.


It’s Tigertime


Great to see.


He could smash them next year. What an amazing comeback.