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Nice work. That’s a serious drop. 3 to 0 is as hard as 18-6 I reckon.

Was it taking out bogeys and the occasional double or more birdies that got you there?


Thread fails to deliver a golf-related musing.


I wonder if I hit it fuerther with a white driver head or a black one or if even thinking about that is racist


I’ll help you out.

Earlier this year Mrs Wim organised a charity golf day, and she found out that it just happened to be at the same club that (not to name names) a former Brisbane full forward and captain and current Melbourne radio personality was a member of.
She contacted his management and asked if he could run a putting competition on the putting greens there. Maybe half an hour to an hour.
Couldn’t possibly.
Oh well, never mind.

Come the day, he was there. For the full time that was requested.
To oversee his name being put up on the honours board.
And Mrs Wim thought, ‘You farking wanker.’#

#This is the musing part.


Nice musing Mrs Wim and nicely relayed Wim



Yeah a heap more birdies and just limiting any damage to a bogey instead of doubles or worse.


Looking forward to the next couple of days.
Hoping we get a bunched leader board so there is plenty of drama Monday morning.
Either that or Tiger winds back the years and blows them away.
Whatever happens will still be great to watch.

Picking Casey to win and Cantlay as my sleeper pick.


God I love the Masters. The top of my bucket list is to head to Augusta, hopefully I can get there in the next few years.

Feels really open for champions this year. I think I’ve back about 6 to win including Rahm, Day,Koepka and a couple of smookies in Hoffman,Matt Wallace and louis oosthuizen.

If they don’t win I hope Tiger gets up. It better not be Patrick ■■■■■■■ Reed!!!




I think it would be the biggest sporting story this decade if Tiger won it.


Hello friends…


Will definitely be tuning in this weekend - love this tournament. I think Rory will take it unfortunately.


Am loving watching all the old docos of Masters past on Ch.505 this week.
I’d forgotten how Parry was very much in contention early Day 4 in 1992, before his putter stopped working.

It’s absolutely criminal that Norman never got a green jacket.
Unlucky some years, and totally choked it up in 96 to Faldo.
Oh well…that’s life.

Hope Jason Day can be there on Sunday with a shot !


I was fortunate to go to the Masters in 2011. During the practice round we went down near the 11th green and asked a guy (who had about 50 Masters tickets on his hat) if he knew where Mize holes out from…

…FMD it was a crazy spot. You’d think getting within 6 feet was probably 10-20% chance at best. Poor old Norman could not take a trick.




Pos Player R1 Thru Total
1 B. Koepka -5 14 -5
T2 I. Poulter -4 17 -4
T2 B. DeChambeau -4 16 -4
T2 D. Johnson -4 16 -4
T5 J. Harding -3 F [F] -3

T5 A. Scott -3 F [F] -3
T5 J. Rahm -3 F [F] -3
T5 K. Aphibarnrat -3 F [F] -3
T5 K. Kisner -3 F [F] -3
T5 J. Day -3 16 -3
T5 P. Mickelson -3 15 -3
T12 C. Conners -2 F [F] -2
T12 J. B. Holmes -2 F [F] -2
T12 L. Bjerregaard -2 F [F] -2
T12 G. Woodland -2 F [F] -2
T12 T. Woods -2 F [F] -2
T12 R. Fowler -2 F [F] -2
T12 C. Smith -2 F [F] -2
T12 P. Kizzire -2 F [F] -2
T20 T. Finau -1 F [F] -1
T20 L. Oosthuizen -1 F [F] -1
T20 C. Hoffman -1 F [F] -1
T20 T. Fleetwood -1 F [F] -1
T20 K. Na -1 F [F] -1
T20 T. Olesen -1 F [F] -1
T20 B. Langer -1 F [F] -1
T20 F. Molinari -1 17 -1
T28 A. Landry E F [F] E
T28 K. Tway E F [F] E
T28 K. Mitchell E F [F] E
T28 M. Weir E F [F] E
T28 S. Kim E F [F] E
T28 E. Grillo E F [F] E
T28 B. Grace E F [F] E
T28 K. Stanley E F [F] E
T28 W. Simpson E F [F] E
T28 V. Hovland E F [F] E
T28 M. Leishman E F [F] E
T28 H. Li E F [F] E
T28 J. Walker E F [F] E
T28 B. Horschel E F [F] E
T28 M. Kuchar E 17 E
T28 T. Hatton E 17 E
T28 P. Cantlay E 16 E
T28 B. Watson E 16 E
T28 J. Thomas E 15 E
T47 T. Kanaya +1 F [F] +1
T47 C. Howell III +1 F [F] +1
T47 S. García +1 F [F] +1
T47 P. Reed +1 F [F] +1
T47 X. Schauffele +1 F [F] +1
T47 R. McIlroy +1 F [F] +1
T47 S. Lyle +1 F [F] +1
T47 M. Kaymer +1 F [F] +1
T47 A. Ortiz +1 F [F] +1
T47 J. Rebula +1 F [F] +1
T47 R. Cabrera-Bello +1 17 +1
T58 E. Pepperell +2 F [F] +2
T58 H. Stenson +2 F [F] +2
T58 T. Immelman +2 F [F] +2
T58 D. Bling +2 F [F] +2
T58 Z. Johnson +2 17 +2
T58 S. Kodaira +2 16 +2
T64 A. Long +3 F [F] +3
T64 A. Wise +3 F [F] +3
T64 D. Willett +3 F [F] +3
T64 B. Snedeker +3 F [F] +3
T64 H. Matsuyama +3 F [F] +3
T64 M. Wallace +3 F [F] +3
T64 A. Norén +3 F [F] +3
T64 J. Rose +3 15 +3
T72 M. Kim +4 F [F] +4
T72 S. Cink +4 F [F] +4
T72 K. Bradley +4 F [F] +4
T72 S. Imahira +4 F [F] +4
T72 J. Spieth +4 14 +4
T77 K. O’Connell +5 F [F] +5
T77 C. Schwartzel +5 F [F] +5
T77 L. Mize +5 F [F] +5
T80 S. Lowry +6 F [F] +6
T80 F. Couples +6 F [F] +6
T80 J. Olazábal +6 F [F] +6
T80 M. Fitzpatrick +6 F [F] +6
T80 P. Casey +6 14 +6
T85 I. Woosnam +8 F [F] +8
T85 V. Singh +8 F [F] +8
87 Á. Cabrera +10 F [F] +10

Aussies having a good first day.
Great to see Tiger up there, and Speith and Rose down there, too.

Edit: :frowning: Vijay.


Well at least he ain’t coming last


Yep shithouse.
Did throw a couple of other bets on though.
Bryson D and Kisner would be nice.

Koepkas form in majors is crazy recently.


So… I won’t go on too much about my Masters trip in 2011… but one more little story.

We went Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On the Thursday we went and played Palmetto. 2nd oldest course in the US I think, a great Alastair MacKenzie course that you can walk in about 3 hours… great golf.

We played early and were done by about 11 including simple lunch in the old school club house. TV coverage started at 2pm so 3 of our 8 decided to see if we could get another 18 in.

The starter said ‘give me 5 mins’ and then later said, ‘ok, 2 groups from now you can go if you are ok to play with one of our members’. Of course, super happy to do this.

While we waited, we had another practice putt or two. The Green was so close to the clubhouse I think you could touch the glass of the windows while standing on the green. There was this guy in shorts hitting cut up lib shots into the green with the windows in the background. A slight error and it’s a very loud disaster… but he could clearly play.

He comes over and introduces himself. We were playing off 1,2 and 7 and knew this guy was levels better. He was super friendly and low key. A quick chat a few questions and we found out that he’d just joined the PGA tour from the over the last season.

He said he might have an interview later so a chance he had to bail after 9 holes. We took him on… the 3 of us best ball against him.

Well, poor guy didn’t have a chance… between us we birdied 6 of the first 7 but he was very solid but more than that a great guy. Felt like we were playing with a long time mate.

After 9 he did bail (we still say it was the pantsing we were giving him and not the interview) but we followed his career that year in the PGA tour. Back to the q-school and back onto the PGA tour. We’d share banter and encouragement on Twitter with him from his ‘Aussie mates’ for a year or two after that.

Since then, we always cheer for Kevin Kisner. One of the great guys of the PGA tour.

It’s been great to see him winning and contending in majors. And if you ever get the chance to go to the Masters. Go play Palmetto in Aitken SC. Great track and great people.


That’s a great story mate.

Watching a truckload of the PGA tour the commentators have actually mentioned on several occasions that Kevin Kisner is one of the nicest blokes on the tour.
It’s good to know they are on the money.

There’s obviously a few on the tour who we all know are the complete opposite.


Any and every Augusta story is welcome! I would love to do it one day.