Golf and related musings


Most Aussies playing quite late on Day 2.
Best plan appears to be…go to bed early in order to get up early.

Smith and Day are in very interesting groups…


Smith’s in a great group.
Hope it helps him.
Leishman and Oosthuizen look like a before and after shot.


I might trot another one or two out over the tournament.


Please do!


Scott making a move now - sweet!


Two Americans in the top eight at the Masters.
You wouldn’t see that too often.
Go Aussies!
Hope Smith can get a late birdie and make the cut.
Love seeing Tiger up there. Love seeing Rose down there.
Hate seeing Speith make the cut. Jerk.


So SMith will make the cut easily.
I expected it to be +1, not +3.
And he got that birdie anyway.

How good was that shot from the rough by Tiger…


2 Aussies and Tiger in the mix.
We could be in for an epic Masters here.


Oh ok then.

So on the Friday we get a big van and a driver (there are 8 of us) to drive us from Aitken to Augusta, about 40 mins.

We arrive and needless to say we are super excited. The driver says ‘I’ll pick you up here at 5pm’

Entering the course it is again, everything you imagine and more. Everyone ends up spreading, watching different things.

At about 4.30pm we are near the 12th tee and Tiger comes though. 3 of us there and we ‘say’ we’ll just watch this hole’ well he birdies that so we decide to watch 13 as well. Birdie again. We head to behind the tee at 14.

Now, if you watch the Shark or any bid name in Australia you need to get about 5 holes ahead to see a tee shot. Not here. We were able to see him hit off 14 and we walk down the fairway (walking further from the exit and it’s alresdy 5pm.

We watch him down 14-18, see every shot up close. Absolutely amazing. From memory he shot 31, a total masterclass.

Once we got back to the car, our mates were fuming. Beyond angry. It really felt like one false word and there would be a fight.

Besides ‘where the ■■■■ have you been?’ They didn’t say a word the whole way home.

At the house every one went there separate ways for a while before I joined a couple of guys with beers on the back deck. One guy looked at me and said angrily ‘we waited almost 2 hours, at least tell us it was worth it’

I couldn’t help but grin. I really tried not to but I couldn’t help it. ‘Well…’ I said… and began to go through Tiger’s round shot by shot. The guys enraptured, all anger had gone and we were golf buddies again, sharing stories about the best 9 holes I’ve seen and it was at Augusta.

Would I do it again… every day of the week! We knew it was wrong, the guys were ■■■■■■… but Tiger, 9 holes, 31 shots at Augusta… a no brainer.


Molinari has only a single Bogey in 3 Rounds of golf around Augusta.
Just so consistent.

Looks like the Aussies are out of it now, barr Day or Scott shooting something outrageous tomorrow (63-65ish).


I’ll be barracking for top ten finishes, though.
And go Tiger!


Storm and tornado warnings have screwed our morning of watching the climax of the Masters (sounds a bit rude…).

Leaders are expected to tee off around 11:30pm AEST and it should be over around 4:30am.

So, you know, bugger…


Yes not much sleep tonight and work tomorrow
Going to be worth it though if Tiger gets up.

Molinari obviously going to be hard to beat.


Amazing last day.
They’re coming from everywhere.
Day just missed a putt that I hope he won’t Really regret.
Clubhouse leader though.


Tiger’s three holes away from another major.


Amazing drama isn’t it ?
Worth staying up for !


DJ new clubhouse leader with -12.


Fowler’s missed the clutch putts all day.


Two hole in ones today, too.
And Tiger very nearly got the third for the day then.


Holy shitballs, that 16th hole today is incredible.
2 hole in ones so far, and nearly another for Tiger.

Edit…beat me to it Wimm!