Golf and related musings


This is an amazing finish


I’m going to bed.


That was brilliant and yes very emotional.


My sleeping patterns are completely fkt now after the last few days !


So good to watch, emotional is correct


How good is it to have Tiger back? The younger fellas on the tour would not have understood what Tigermania is. Well, now they know.


You can only imagine how Tiger is going to celebrate.




Fried chicken and collard greens?

Or hookers?




Shame I’ve been dreadfully crook and couldn’t stay up for it.

I stand by my statement earlier that I reckon it’s the biggest sports story this decade.

Absolutely amazing. That shot on 16 will be replayed forever.

Apart from the comeback element of it, it’s probably also his best win ever as he literally beat out all of the top 20 players in the world to do it.


I’d suggest the rise and tragedy of Leicester would be right up there as well.


Yeah I think that’s on the podium for sure.


This video is just incredible.

And absolutely masterfully called by Jim Nantz and colleague - as in they shut up, let the incredible pictures do the talking and then when they did speak - they do so with thought and gravitas.


Is that you, Fuzzy?


Koepka couldn’t possibly lose it from a 7 shot lead could he???


Not if DJ is your closest pursuer.

DJ is going for the Norman slam.


Koepka makes golf boring when he hits it so far and straight.


I wish it was boring like that when I played


Wonderful clutch bunker shot on the last from Hannah Green. Her first victory on the LPGA is a major, not bad. Our first major winner since Webb.