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Got absolutely beaten up by Shepp on Thursday, was contemplating giving the game away, 3 hours or so in the car before playing probably not the best prep. Enjoyed the Lakes course and played a bit better, but Saturday at Black Bull was my favourite day. 34 points will probably do that but enjoyed the wider fairways and didn’t hit one bunker all day. Couldn’t back it up yesterday, 29 points on the Murray with feast or famine, six three pointers, one two pointer and nine one pointers.

Nice to play on some high quality courses though and play with some much better players to see how they make their way around the course, learnt a lot.

Back to the range to practice…



the thing about novelties is they have a tendency not to endure

let’s see where the interest is in 5 years

-edit- investment in sport for short term gain rarely arises from “passion” or whatever

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Interested in your take on the European Tour having a Saudi Open? Yes, LIV is sportswashing, but people (and I mean the PGA tour and it’s comms specialists) were completely silent about it until it suited them. The PGA tour has a history of taking Saudi money but that seems to have been completely ignored in the media takes coming from within the bubble of the PGA tour.

The US government selling arms to the Saudis seems the bit that should be annoying people …?


i would implore people who invoke the term sports-washing to not look too deeply into the history of any professional or semi-professional sport

or, like, anything else

probably won’t like what you find

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I don’t know if LIV will last but I think it’s great that there is an alternative. The PGA has ignored Australia and many parts of the world and there is a huge demand for it in Australia especially. The players all spoke glowingly of it and I don’t know a spectator that didn’t enjoy the event. If tickets went on sale for next years event today they would be sold out within 24hrs such has been the feedback from attendees and even overseas visitors claiming they will be back next year. It’s gaining great media reviews in the US and it’s looking likely that Australia will get back to back events with Adelaide and QLD going forward.
I must say hats off to LIV for the promotion of the sport here and for the numerous fun events organised for kids during the weekend at the course and for the ProAm and lessons for kids in the lead up. The players being accessible during the whole week has endeared them to all and hopefully they have captured a new generation of fans which keeps this going strong


Is this just “bad things happened in the past, so it doesn’t matter if bad things happen now” or am I not understanding? An example may help.

The social media of the pros outside of golfing hours was a huge hit. Cam Smith stopping multiple times to give signed gloves to spectators, Bryson and Leish doing a shoey, Poulter getting his rave on. The ace yesterday was epic… yeah it’s a cheesy knockoff of Scottsdale but fk a lot of us won’t be able to get there and experience that. Thought the tournament humanised so many of these elite players.

They put on a hell of a show at the Grange and long may it continue.

Just wish Cam putted that extra inch or so closer, seemed to have so many putts that just touched the edge of the hole.


The wet season …. mmmmm

I sank beers in the sun for 3 days and watched world class golfers hit bombs around Adelaide for $35 a day. Absolutely brilliant event. Get around it next year if you can Blitzers.


Beers and golf for 35 bucks a day :smile::wink:
Count me in!


I will take the last point first. The bulk of the weapons deals were done under Trump. Kushner is getting $50m pa post deal bribe and LIV is paying back Trump however they can… 3 or 4 events at his courses are a start.

The Western world has turned a blind eye for 100 years to many regimes in return for energy. I drive a car… guilty as well. Doesnt mean i would take $ from Saudi to play golf.

I hate the European Tour playing there. The LPGA Tour is even worse. The PGA Tour trashed our golf without a care… i like they are being forced to change.

Nothing and nobody is perfect. The US has plenty of issues, but ‘what-about-ism’ is just a distraction from this specific issue.

1, Saudi is a horrible regime
2. They dont care about golf
3. They dont care about the players
4. They dont care about the fans - they would be looking down on LIV Adelaide with disgust at the ‘heathens’
5. They are locking people up for 20 years for tweeting… this whole tour is just there to make the world to forget all the reasons nobody wants to visit or move there… they are a bunch of ■■■■■
6. I can give credit to Brooks and Dustin who said they are there for the cash. Fukwits like Bubba who prayed to his Christian God about it… and then got the message that getting paid my a murderous islamic regime was just what jesus would do can ■■■■ off.

The PGA Tour has its ups and downs. Cantlay is driving me crazy at the moment…so slow and the LIV event was great. But there will be small crowds and no atmosphere in Singapore in the next event. An event which is a 48 person exhibition where only 20 players have any real chance of winning.

Saudi has deep pockets… but they wont be funding beer and golf for heathens forever… unless more events become like Adelaide.

Remember, nobody around the world saw this event… maybe the hole in one on a sports show here and there. It has an average a 100k views on YouTube and CW network in the US is watched by nobody.

On a lighter note… i enjoyed golf this morning


I think I agree with everything you wrote. I was mostly commenting on the PGA Tour and it’s media machine making it all about the human rights when they have been all too happy to take the money plenty of times.

Anyway, where is that? St Andrews Beach?

Have visited there a number of times and if time permits we will stop there for a couple of days later this year. We have really enjoyed our time there previously.
The Saudi’s are about to embark on a massive tourism drive and have created a new airline and will pump unlimited funds into transforming Saudi Arabia into a massive Air transit hub for passengers and freight with a goal to be “bigger and better” than Doha and eventually Dubai. You are correct in that they are pumping tons of money into sports in preparation for this transformation. Who knows if it will work but they will give it a red hot go

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Great pic, is that at The Dunes?

Hey I have heard things can get rowdy on Sentosa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did have a mate run onto the 18th green chasing a peacock as the presentation ceremony was just finishing 1 year… nutter

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Golf photo is Gunamatta at The National yesterday morning


Wonderful result for Hannah Green, securing the win in the US after a tense final round in a really hot field, 8 of the top 10 by my count. Just hung in and hung in and then finally made a long putt on the last to make the playoff. Steely performance in her 3rd LPGA victory.


Hey lads,

Is there any other apps apart from Miscore that link to GA for your handicap and comps?

Really don’t like the GPS and has no stats. I use free version of hole19 which is good but doesn’t link to GA.

Did you kick it in?