Golf and related musings

Yeah, they say Cypress is the best one of the three and maybe the world… of course, that’s one a mere average schmuck like myself will only dream about. But I’m kind of okay with that… same with Augusta. Perhaps if everybody played maybe it wouldn’t have that mystique.

Nah, for me it’s all about trying to actually play Royal Melb (I’ve been on the grounds multiple times) and then eventually get to The Old Course (and perhaps other Open venues).

I’m going to the states in May so maybe my brother can try to get me on something cool like Castle Pines while I’m over there.


This has been the number 1 course in the rankings pretty much ever year… i cant even think of what i would do to get a chance to play here.


Got a late call up to play a couple of Victoria’s finest, St Andrews and The Dunes. Great weather and wind conditions for both days. Couldn’t break the 100 at St Andrews (103). But managed 97 at the Dunes which included 2 9’s (yuck). But that got me 44 points in the Stableford comp as my daily HC was 31. Don’t think the locals were too happy with that :rofl:


44 points around the Dunes os great golf! Well played. Such a great public access course… well both of them are


Love SAB. Wish it was a bit closer.


We had the pleasure of having a round with Darcy Parish at the ■■■■ Reynolds club golf day held at the Sandhurst Golf Club in Melbourne.
A terrific young bloke!
Played off 6 and is very handy with the golf clubs.
A friend of ours is a member of the ■■■■ Reynolds club and this was our 5th year of having a round with former/ current Essendon players, Darcy being the first current player weve played with


I tweaked my back the other day & do you think I could bend over & pick the ball out of the golf cup. I’ve seen some older gents with those suction cups on the end of putters, just wondering are they any good, where do you get them from, what are they called & do they last after you put em back in your bag.