Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Never said they were a friend. just a painter


My expectation was that we’d come top 6 and win a final, but that was assuming JD and Smith would play out the year & Fantasia would be mostly fit and play at least 16 H&A matches, etc.

I thought that was a reasonable expectation, maybe we could have gone further but I didn’t really dare to dream, and that was quickly tempered after the first 2 rounds and we’ve been behind on the ledger since.

Anyway, while that was my expectation, it wasn’t a minimum to decide on sacking the coach.

I think I’m still pretty confident that we could go deep into finals in 2020 once we get on a good run with fitness & injuries, all under Worsfold, even if we don’t quite make finals this year.

First half of the season aside, if we can win 6 from the next 11 I’d say it’s unfair to sack the coach. And if injuries hit us hard again, then that changes things too.


Not always, especially when it comes to Diggers lol


There’s a nice fair comparison.

10 years vs 4…

10 years a full list to choose from vs 3…


C’mon man. You just pick and choose snippets that suit your argument. Don’t bother with the big picture.


I think its becasue being a sublimely skilled footballer is no longer enough. You need to be an athlete. Players like Dean Rioli would never get drafted these days. He wouldn’t pass enough beep tests and standing jumps etc at draft camp.
That and the number of teams in the competition measn that the athlete wins over the skills. The competition has numerous players who cant kick straight. That used to be fairly rare (Max Crowe excepted).
I think the bid to speed up the game has resulted in a necesssary downgrading of skills. How many handballs are handballs and how many are throws?
Shame really it used to be a good game to watch. I only watch EFC games now. I cant watch any others its like watching rugby. Boring as batshit.


It’s really hard to watch some games.

“But the game is really fast so it must be better”

Fark the AFL!

I’m really concerned now about what they’ll do to the rules seeing as though they didn’t get the high scoring matches they desired. They’re always chasing their tail. I’m over it to be honest.


The AFL will provide a new solution to achieve higher scoring games.
Goals will be worth 12 points, behinds 2 points!


Why don’t they just extend the goal break between goals to 1 minute allow goals to be reviewed better and another add.
If it’s high scoring game that could be a problem with length of quarters.


And think of all the extra advertising that could be shoved down our throats.
Can’t believe the AFL haven’t already done this.


I think players are far more skilful than they have ever been. What current day players do when stuck in congestion is incredible. The ball moves so quickly and often the players are under immense pressure as soon as they get it.

Watch old games and you see players swing on to their opposite foot and send it end over end to an opposition player 20 metres away.

Dean Rioli was a good player but I think sometimes we build things and people up to be greater than they were. He was skilful and a reasonable AFL player. We all value things differently. Personally I like players like Stants and Zaka that train flat out all year and turn up in the best condition they can to be the best they can.

Kicking for goal could be the exception.


I just come here to scroll down quickly now, quick flick and same old nothing new.


I don’t think they are any more skillful, perhaps less skillful. All I see is system footballers, many of the naturally smart footballers are gone. In place we are seeing athletes that do what they are told. Kicking even when not under pressure is woeful. They can’t even seem to kick to advantage side of a contest anymore. Not many smart footy players left.


I know many share your view. I don’t, I reckon they are incredibly skilful and the ‘athlete’ drafting changed some time ago aside from tall basketball types.


I would kill for a Dean Rioli in this side at the moment. Even the overweight version.

Second most talented bomber I have seen in my time.


:thinking: Who was first - Sir James ?


Can be no other.


IMO Mercuri was better, JJ was better, Misiti was better, Long was better. And that’s not me putting down Rioli (or having a go at KM), just saying there were others better than Rioli skill/talent wise imo.


Lets wait for Friday !:grinning:


We shouldn’t waste valuable discussion on the coach guys. But this needs a new thread, now I loved them all as players as I grew up with the 1990’s Baby Bombers. I’ll grant you Mercs and Longy, as equals to Deano, but to say JJ, and Joey Misiti were more skilled than Dean Rioli well… that’s a tough call on Deano.