Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Woosha doesn’t have the game plan to take us to the next level, dropping parish, and playing ZClarke, Myers and not dropping Baggs has lost me.


But but but injuries yada yada…


Oooh ballsy… dems fightin words in this thread.


I would encourage you to re-watch the 80’s again. I also never said they didn’t have clear instructions and game plans, not once, so maybe comment on what I said not what I didn’t say.


That’s is such a crap table by whoever made it. Richmond should top that list by a country mile as it’s no just games missed but who has missed games.


Maybe a break down of where the injured players work might be helpful? Most of ours are the forwardline, so naturally, that is going to impact us through that region. Unsurprisingly it has. That doesn’t take away the shyte game plan, poor execution, shocking forward setup, poor discipline and lack of coaching, but it still has an impact.

You certainly like tilting at windmills.


Yes strong gameplans can handle losing players to injury. But when all the injuries are all in one part of the ground you can see why that area will struggle…because there’s hardly any experience to pick up the slack.

Our forward line has missed JD, Smack/Brown, Fantasia and Stringer while Baguley is struggling for form due to old age. That’s our entire best 22 forward line apart for Tippa who has been mostly brilliant this year.

We’d have won the Collingwood and Swans games with all those players fit. And be looking ahead to a top 4 finish.


Did you hear Clarko’s press conference today? Go watch. He thinks it’s a fine excuse.


Then l disagree with Clarko and not for the first time. The injury line can and is trotted out multiple times by coaches and fans. Injuries happen nearly every week, but the club still puts out 22 players to compete each game.


And it very much is a reasonable excuse at times. If your best players are all out injured at the same time, it doesn’t matter how good your side is, it will hurt the team, always has. It is a weak excuse if you are missing maybe one gun but a few part players, this exposes your lack of depth, hence it is used as an excuse.

There are times it is a legitimate excuse, then there are the majority of times where it is used to deflect on a poor performance, like the media use when the team they wanted to win chokes.


If only FCFC persisted with Bolton for a few more years.


Sadly I chuckled at the Pies when Bucks re-signed.



The one thing that table says about us is that weve copped a hiding in the fwd line, but stocks should be good elsewhere.

If not having a fwd line has cost us/will cost us games then why not revisit Hooker fwd and Zerk into KPD? Hurley’s in AA form, Ambrose has been good, Zerk has been a good intercept mark in the twos, there’s Franga… Richmond game would have been a good time to test it as Lynch was hardly lighting it up.

Reckon String’s best work is as the third tall… the over the back option that sneaks fwd after his centre sq work… so another tall is needed. Another loss to either Hawks or Eagles and Woosh may as well blood the Zerk and start preparing for 2021, the next coach, and maybe life without Hooker in the backline


Very intersting Mark Ricciuto speaking highly of Worsfold when he took over Adelaide when Phil Walsh passed.

Said he was reputed as being,and proved to be, a great man manager,and that it was a quality that really made a great coach.

He did concede though, that he wasn’t a great tactician,hence why a great tactician as his direct assistant would compliment him beautifully. Perhaps that is what we need?


Yet he was happy enough to elude to it, not directly using it as an excuse, when they had a lot of injuries, now they don’t have many he changes his tune.

Take whatever they say with a grain of salt because they are all FOS.


I agree with this idea in principle, but probably with Francis going back and having the option of swapping them if any Gorillas get a hold of Francis.

We wouldn’t even need to be losing games to try this, just get Francis confident and firing in the VFL with this as a carrot to get into the AFL side in the back line.

It would make sense in itself to do it if our tall forward structure continues to be an issue.


Yeah,but don’t we have line coaches that speak more to the players than the head coach? Don’t we have Ball,the player welfare guy? How much of the touchy feely man management needs to be done by the head coach in modern footy?


Is that what Rutten was brought in for?


Overall defensive strategist.


I like using injuries as an excuse, particularly when people reply “you can’t use injuries as an excuse”, because clearly I can, because I already have.