Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


People act like Woosha is the worst thing to ever happen to the club and it’s a bit ridiculous.

“Couldn’t imagine anything worse” like the last 15 years haven’t existed!



Why do you hate bomber thompson so much?


He’s into bitcoin. Everybody hates that guy that’s into bitcoin.


Oh lordy.

That may be even more antagonising than me.


Dank never received an extension. Whether he “doped” any players is also very doubtful. You should get your facts straight before making wild accusations.


This is what it is km. Players our of form and not in the right spots or don’t know where to be.

On the other teams brisbanes looked pretty good skill wise yesterday. All looked to be playing as a team and knowing exactly what to do. Great coach


No I reckon what’s worse is ending up in hospital almost losing your life to an overdose because an entire industry set out to bully you, destroy your reputation and remove your livelihood.

Or maybe spiralling out of control and becoming a drug addict facing a lengthy prison sentence because you couldn’t mentally cope with the constant abuse and blame.

And then to have flogs on an Internet forum throwing your name out as an example of why the current coaching failure isn’t so bad.


It’s not one or the other.

You can have empathy for James Hird’s situation and also recognise that as a coach, he was a disaster for our club. The roles, responsibilities, “cause” of the saga certainly don’t rest on his shoulders alone but as a coach he was unsuccessful and we were set back under his reign.

Recognising we have been in WAY worse positions in recent memory is actually part of judging the coaching. We had a long, long way to come back and it’s important to judge how far we have come from there just as much as it is to judge how close we are to a flag.

As for Bomba, well, if you think he “turned to drugs” because of the saga you should read the comments from Tim Watson about his time at Geelong. Or the people from Geelong.

Regardless, the comment was around “can’t imagine anything worse” and it’s extremely valid to point out we literally JUST came from something worse.


If you actually have to go there to justify Worsfold’s coaching then…that does not say much for his coaching


It wasn’t justifying his coaching.

He is coaching the in form team of the competition, and won a premiership as a coach.

It was a direct response to the comment “couldn’t imagine anything worse” than him getting another contract.


The in form team of the competition? Us?
You’re being very generous there.


Yeah, It totally is.
You’re saying ‘well at least he didn’t bring the saga on us, not that Hird did, but at least Worsfold didn’t.’
It’s pretty lame.

And the old he won a premiership gets another run.


Between us, Lions and Eagles.

All 4-1 over the last five. Our loss was to the eagles, they lost to Sydney and Lions lost to Carlton.

We are travelling much better than most here believe.


I reckon Kangaroos and Richmond have a case too.

But I agree we’re travelling ok at the moment.
Huge game this weekend though


2013 Season up to Round 17 when Finnis was sent by Demetriou to tell the Essendon players they would not be playing finals. Under exception negative circumstances Hird had Essendon in Second place. Great coaching performance. All fell apart after that when players lost heart.

2013 Toyota AFL Premiership Season

POS CLUB p pts % w l d f a
1 Hawthorn 16 56 141.0 14 2 0 1864 1322
2 Essendon 16 52 131.4 13 3 0 1720 1309
3 Geelong Cats 16 52 130.3 13 3 0 1746 1340
4 Sydney Swans 16 50 142.3 12 3 1 1663 1169
5 Fremantle 16 46 121.9 11 4 1 1379 1131
6 Richmond 16 44 118.0 11 5 0 1524 1291
7 Collingwood 16 40 108.3 10 6 0 1510 1394
8 Port Adelaide 16 36 108.7 9 7 0 1493 1374


Hird was not a disaster as a coach, in fact his record pre-saga is good.

And your comments on Bomba are all hearsay and rumour.


Roos definitely an oversight, mainly because I forget they exist.


In response to “i can’t imagine anything worse” ?

What colour is the little castle in your goldfish bowl?


In response to I can’t imagine anything worse, he wrote this.

See. More than a five second memory.

Again, if you have to go to the saga as ‘actually part of judging the coaching’, then it doesn’t say much for the coaching.