Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Take your hand off it :joy:

So we don’t even look at the position of the club when a coach came in to judge how well he is going? That’s downright ridiculous.

It was an additional point to another poster, who made a different post, and not direct to “can’t imagine anything worse”.


I’m sure every coach dreams of the off-season that welcomed worsfold to the club.



It’s your additional point that I take issue with.

And by Christ I’m done talking with people who can’t speak without being insulting.
So…in terms you’ll understand, suck it.
Both of you.


To be fair, celebrating the good form and wins we’ve been having by telling the haters to suck it has been a bit insulting and I should apologise.


…but I won’t.

Suck it.


You go out of your way to try to make Essendon supporters feel bad when their team wins.

You’re not a very nice person.


We are going alright for a fairly inexperienced squad.


If Essendon supporters feel bad when their team wins because they want a man, with a family, to lose his job, it’s not me that’s the bad person.


No, that’s not what I said.
I said you go out of your way to try to make Essendon supporters feel bad when they win.

That’s who you are.


My point was about the worst outcome in terms of Worsfold, and not about the worst outcome in the history of our club…


Aw, those poor diddums.

Maybe they can just get behind the club and coach and stop hating on the man?


Fair enough.


Maybe they should talk about football on a football forum.

And maybe you should stop stealing the few bits of joy this club actually delivers.


Their need to be right on an Internet forum prevents them enjoying it, not me.

See my Hooker call? Massively wrong. A few posters followed me around for a week trying to insult me over it, and I love it! Just said “yeah got that wrong, how good was it” and moved on.

I didn’t continue try to bash the guy based off what I read between the lines at a press conference.


You’re doing it after every win, and I don’t think you plan to stop.

Do you think that’s comparable?


When we win the flag I’ll be in here like Street Jesus with his flying knee on Ben Askren.


Presumably no-one would begrudge you doing that if we win it under a different coach.


Woosha on 360 tonight. Really good listen, not really dazed by any of the talk about his coaching future, said people were entitled to their opinion but it didn’t affect him. Pleased we have won 4 of the past 5 but knows we need to improve to get to where we want to.


Just saw a stat On the Couch.

Since Round 11 we are 4th on the ladder.


But we are 9th? Hardly looks like good form.

North are playing like they will belt us this weekend. We win and its a massive result.