Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Where were North?




Case closed



From round 11


Both of us 16 points


Richmond just won a game by a hundred points and still have a sub-hundred percentage…


And north has played 11, 12, 17 and 18 on that form ladder. They’ve been in good form and their win against Collingwood was great in particular, but they’re hardly this unstoppable force for goodness sake like their supporters are carrying on at the moment.


What about the stat that showed since round 7 Nth are +220 scores from turnovers. We are -20.


Well said, Rhino!


I liked the bit where he systematically doped 34 people.

Tell me I’ve missed something.


To be fair, Collingwood’s low experience rating should really be boosted by adding in the games experience boost they get from the maggots.


Hi Vlad


It was when I saw people liked it made me think I need a lie down. So to that end i bid Ye good night.


Too soon? Maybe some Bovril with a dash of hexarelin



Yes, the way the AwFuL (and those clowns in Switzerland) treated us is disgraceful, but surely we should forget it! We’re in 2019 now and we need to focus on winning matches, playing finals (note, plural) and ending this season as high on the ladder as we can. We’ve got no first round pick, so let’s get ourselves some WINNING finals experience and get ready for when Joe, Smith, Raz and Stringer are fully fit and kicking multiple goals for us. If we do it right, 2020 (and a few others, I hope) will be our year(s). Go Bombers!!!


Then it will be quickly pointed out by the usual suspects that it was ‘only’ North Melbourne and they are tin-rattling battlers and we still haven’t beaten anyone.


True. Even a rubbish team like us torched them earlier this year.


why do we ever bring up saga times ? I honestly cant not feel this awful angst just reflecting on everything that happened and this empty feeling in my stomach