Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Yep I thought it was interesting and revealing.

Some points covered.

  • match day stuff is 5% difference in result. Coaches can get it wrong but in the main it’s not a big driver of performance.
  • can’t change game plan week to week, it takes years. Often if you try to change it up week to week it makes it worse as players take the new message too far. They focus on the new message at the exclusion of everything else.
  • in game moves need to balance the cons as well as the pros. Talked about Hooker and Dylan C. How weighed up whether changing their roles would be a net positive.


No, I hate the “he said this which I have interpreted to mean something completely different” type comments.

That and the “he’s coaching from the bench, must mean the assistant coaches hate him” stuff.


Wrong Clarke. It was z

To be honest most of the good insight were from Scott.


I’ll give it a watch when I get home from work



We usually get them back in form


A lot of people in here could learn a lot about coaching from watching that video and then realize that maybe some/a lot of their criticisms are unjustified.

For example there is a premise that Worsfold is not a good tactical coach and it’s even been said here that he had admitted it. Watching that it’s not true.


A coaching box/team is no different to teams in organisations. Each individual brings their strengths and weaknesses. If you are smart and honest and aware then you will acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and work with others to make the strongest team you can… together.

I have no major problem with what Worsfold says or how is trying to do his job - based on what one can see from the outside. It took me a while to get what he was saying about learnings and being confused etc. I get the feeling (guessing) he is not a micro manager and that he will expect players (and coaches) to step up and take responsibility. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t direct or provide significant coaching guidance, but ultimately he is not the one kicking or handballing the footy and all he can do is set the players up as best as he/the coaches can. Rest is up to the players.

Anyway, I hope he is really successful at Essendon because that means the club will be successful.


They had a terrible injury list last year and covered them brilliantly. Their outs from injury (excl stephenson) are far less significant than ours or tigers.


Check out stats insiders’ sackometer


The one thing that ive been happy with over the past couple of weeks, is that we are finally winning the close games, last season we either won comfortably or lost, no in between, at least this season we have learnt to hold onto to leads (as shown this past week) and to actually come back and win (v GWS).


I think Sydney were up by 10 points at 3 quarter time too. Glad they can grind out the tough wins now.


Surprised to see Longmire 5th. Does the algorithm consider press conferences?


I thoughts the answers given where to be expected. Didn’t either reveal or change my opinions. I think a lot of the critisizim on here is justified.


Yeah I don’t think it would change people’s minds about Woosha.

But maybe change peoples minds about coaching. The why isn’t everything just fixed next week comments.


You’ll never get a chance to do it, but it would be so insightful to spend a week shadowing a coach to see what exactly they do and say.


I was seriously surprised that they considered their game day coaching had as much as 5% impact on the team’s performance. That’s about a goal or 2.
When I read on here that woosha was hopeless and out coached by coach X, I wonder which goal they are talking about?
AFL players and the collective team are now prepared for each game with infinite detail over the long term and the game is played according to preset structures. When you identify all of the factors that impact performance on the day, it’s not surprising the few decisions that the coach makes that day are of marginal significance.
But a lot of games are decided by less than 10 points, so it helps to have jagged an extra 1 or 2 sausage rolls. Whether we can identify that from the outside is highly unlikely.


It was a good win.


imagine if the umpires knew the rules ?like when Rampe climb the goalposts ,and the shocking decisions in the last quarter against Collingwood, we would be on 10 wins


nah - the goal post was good commonsense and ANZAC Day were all correct… #AFLOPTICS