Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


But then you have to consider some of the dodgy decisions and non review against the 2 Sydney sides these last 2 weeks.
I’m more looking at us not beating St Kilda and the previous game against Sydney because we just couldn’t get it done. I can’t remeber every game but i think the other losses were pretty much to better teams.


The saints were in form at the time anyway. Plus, the win against GWS got that one back.
We should never have been in that situation against Sydney anyway (at the SCG)
We were robbed on ANZAC DAY


Not very well though…


Performance does not equal scoring.
An all over 5% increase or decrease in performance is massive.


I understand your interpretation of this. The problem is how I have described the 5%. The point CScott was making, was they as coaches have very limited impact on game day ie not a massive 5%, but a minimal impact - not of overall performance - but only an impact at the periphery (again my words not his).
The point is how the team plays is preset and practiced over many months, Scott said even years, and there is very little chance to change much on game day. A matchup or 2, and they usually pick themselves anyway.
The significance of game day coaching is overrated very much by fans. That was Scott’s point.




I’m number 1?





I’m posting 5 more times in this thread.


We don’t just want to be a good team, but we are not there yet.
We don’t just want to be a very good team.
We don’t just want to be an extremely good team.
We want to be an awesome team. **

** I hope we get some experience playing in and winning finals at some stage before some other farkin team like Carlton becomes more awesome than us.


I think Worsfold is really impressive in his messaging and I want him to continue coaching us next year regardless of if we make finals. That doesn’t mean I won’t be bitterly disappointed to not make finals - I just think the idea of starting with a new game plan and a new coaching group would be too many steps backward for the demographic of this playing list. We need to be contending soon around Heppell and the competition is such that things can change rapidly from one year to the next - and I don’t see any compelling reasons why given a decent injury run to our forward half next year we can’t see a rapid surge into contention.

I don’t know if Worsfold is ‘the one’ to take us to a premiership, but I want the club to stay the course with the core of this team -by all means look at some turn-over of assistants if that is deemed a priority. My only caveat would be if he loses the playing group - but I don’t see that happening as my sense is that John’s strength is in managing personalities and promoting growth through investing in the culture and relationships within the playing group.

My impression of the club this year is that they have decided to bunker down and keep a pretty tight leash on the internal workings of the football operations. This means that we get less from X, limited public airing of emotions from the playing group and Sweet FA from Worsfold (which would suit him no doubt). I reckon this grates a bit with a portion of the supporter base - but personally I think this speaks to a pretty united unit across the club as a whole - so I am okay with that.

I’m no Worsfold acolyte, but I’ve got hope and some reasons to think that hope isn’t misplaced.


Its the demographic of the spine that has me a bit worried and we certainly have some gaps on the list. Given that KPFs and KPDs take an extra couple of years to develop, a delay may mean we need to take a step back, bring in/blood 2-3 really good talls, which puts us into the mid 2020s before we become an awesome team…


The season doesn’t start at round 11.


Is he on the same planet as the rest of us?
It’s sort of like learnings.
Talking about it won’t make it happen.


FFS. Some of you just love to whinge. Wouldn’t matter what he says.

I’d much rather him say that than say some crap about wanting to be competitive.

Watch the whole clip to get some context


It does for some of us


didn’t some of the posters saying to stick fat now, ■■■■■■ off during the saga days?






Remember when fark Carlton were flag favourites?

Maybe when that happens we can put that in the trophy cabinet.