Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Reckon Worsfold might know what it feels like to have a trophy in the cabinet if we’re going to prosecute this line of enquiry.


A few weeks ago there was whinging that we didn’t have win a premiership as an aim for the business.

Now Woosha wants us playing that well we’d be flag favourites and that’s an outrageous comment for him to make…



I dare him to utter the D word… Dynasty




I hope that’s an Amart chair he’s sitting on.


It should be a pretty simple equation. We win a final - woosha stays. We don’t - he goes.

That was the target, and a realistic target, at the start of the season and that is the standard that should be reached.

Nothing about our diabolic play and ‘ugly wins’ has changed the goal. Oh and if you think we are even remotely close to the top teams… go and watch more games. We are miles off it. Miles.


We’ve got Zerk, Draper & Gown developing. Francis and Stewart to play more. Mitch/Smack/Hartley as depth.

One more at each end and we’re sorted. If it gets dire they’ll just trade somebody in. I think the list is in a pretty good position.


You’re right, that’s a very simple equation.


Do they last long enough for a dynasty?



Does that say anything much?




The top teams like Geelong and Collingwood who both had their ■■■■■ hand to them by bottom 8 sides?

Or like GWS who we beat?

Or Lions who we beat?

Or eagles who copped a 50 point flogging by a bottom 8 side?

Those top teams?


The thought added as much as to the thread as whats currently being discussed.


Well, at the risk of incurring the wrath of the gloomers, is it not possible that the saga years were a bit worse than being 8 & 7?


you could get the boomers too and mention it being worse than the 70s.


No wonder he’s gray


So can we agree on the North form line now? Called it early and called it right.

Going to be very interesting game this week… I am hoping for a bombers win of course but the Norf turnaround has been impressive…


Modesty is not a strength though. :stuck_out_tongue: You called it 1/2 a game into the new coach. You went really early. But yes, you’ve been correct.

They’ve definitely improved. It’ll be interesting to see where both teams are at on Sat.


I’m grey and I can confirm the cause was nothing like that


Who is number one in the other Worsfold thread?