Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


It’s not a competition.


Remember that scene from Louie CK where he gets intimate with Joan Rivers after some mentoring?

I’d go there with J Collins.


You’d go Louie CK style, aka whip it out and start beating it?


Only if those present didn’t mind. The audience has to be into it otherwise it’s a bit weird.


Why be modest… have called coaches early and been right every time other than Bolton… who I really thought would turn FC around.

A good coach doesn’t leave you wondering… their impact is immediate, productive and potent.

Woosha does none of those things… but of course I could be wrong.


the season still starts at rd 1, you’re confusing performing with starting :stuck_out_tongue:


Recent history suggests if you keep a middling or underperforming coach, and I would put zwoosh in this category, you need to replace the assistants (pretty well all of them).

If you are correct & Woosh is the man for tbe job. Then perhaps a clean out of the assistants is required


I wouldn’t mind a simple move of Skipworth back to the fwd line and Kelly to be promoted to midfield.

If Kelly is promoted I’d expect another recent retiree. I’d love Dan Jordan to move into our AFL coaches team but he seems to be pretty awesome with the youth that are developing in the 2nds.
Question mark for me is what more can Harding provide?


Thanks for posting this :slight_smile:


You obviously weren’t around when Sheedy landed - certainly not an “immediate” impact.


Without your FB, CHF and 1st Ruck, last years B&F and several others carrying injuries or just sub-standard outputs…yep sounds fair JD ?


IMHO what we need is 2 X 6’4" athletic mongrels. I love our skilful smalls but sometimes you just need someone to bring the pain.


Out of interest…
What was your assessment of Damien Hardwick and Nathan Buckley?
What about Stewart Dew?
I’m assuming you’d claim Bevan because he had a positive impact on the Bulldogs in his first year.


Can’t argue with that. Still hoping Langford can find some more aggression but i’m not holding my breath.


The team has certainly got some “spirit” about it. Can’t remember too many time we have been belted on the scoreboard. Sure we have been outplayed quite a few times but we seem to of been able to limit the damage.

We also seem to be running out games quite well too and fighting to the end.

Imo the teams grit and effort and ability to stay in the contest for 4 qtrs has been responsible for our last 2 wins

I give worsfold full credit for that


Pretty darn close!
I could google, but what was it…one mediocre year, a terrible first five rounds in the second, ‘I’ll put the boots back on!’ And then fifteen wins in a row of the most amazing footy you’ll ever see?

Going to google now.

Edit: Yep, I imagined the mediocre year. That didn’t happen.


What are you talking about?


Immediate impact.

2015 Essendon finished 15th
2016, his first year, he had the equivalent of a comedy movie sports line up.
2017 Essendon finished 7th.

He effectively took us from bottom 4 to playing finals in a single season.

I mean, we didn’t win a flag but one full season and he took the 15th placed side to top 8 is not too bad, right?

The big, big problem he has is that the starts to our season are making it incredibly difficult to go deep into September. Last year it cost us, this year we are looking like turning it around a bit quicker and saving our ■■■■■, but to argue he didn’t have immediate impact is just not true.


And there was a big turnover of experienced players in the middle of that in combination with influx of young players who need time to develop

Getting some experienced recruits in has helped but the progression of our sides younger players wise has to be considered.

It’s why Shiel indicated he didn’t think this year was our year but it was going to happen in subsequent years. And also why he chose us because of where the list was headed.

Our start to seasons have definitely sucked though without doubt. 2018 will cop given big changes & issues. 2019 not so.




We’re actually playing better (less exciting) footy than last year. Our defence across the ground is very good. Rutten must have really made an impact. When we get the balance of attack right and have our better players on the park we’ll be a really good side. We’ve also had some awesome growth from younger players. VFL side top of the ladder so depth is good. Exciting times ahead.