Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


The Eagles game was one of the worst performances I have seen from us.

The GWS game was terrible, and we only showed up for the last 15 minutes.

The Sydney game was one of worst the games of football I have ever seen.

They way we are currently playing, I don’t see us making finals this season.

I would give us a 5/10.


Frankly, I think injuries have ■■■■■■ him.
That’s only partially an excuse.
Injuries ■■■■■■ Knights too.
And we have way, way, way better back-up than he ever had.

I think poor kicking for goal by our opponents has perhaps flattered us a little.
I believe Worsfold actually had a game plan that worked for a brief period last year, and I don’t mean just the wins. I think we went away from that plan for a lot of our later wins that year.
But that’s not what we’re doing now.

I think our defensive dominance over-rates us as a team.
I think we have a genuine top 4 list when fit, and a genuine top 8 list when not.
I think this year is our peak for list spread, and it ■■■■■■ me off that things have turned out this way.
I’m very, very concerned that anyone over 6’2” on our list seems to have OP.


GWS were second or 3rd on the ladder and you’re worried about how it looked?


This made me laugh out loud. I know it’s no joke though!


I kinda had those things in the mix. All teams have injuries and different levels of experience etc so we can’t say ours have been a battlefield of casualties. He didn’t get a bottommed out side (ignore 2016) nor one that was an awesome deadset cert top 4 finals side either. We were there with a promising list. I agree we are off where we expected us to be, but we are not a basket case either. We are in the mix and it feels like we are moving forward rather than back. And it could be a quick acceleration to move up that “awesome” category.


thanks - but give me a number out of Bewick.


that’s fair


Maybe you need to have a look from a glass half full perspective.

We’ve been playing fairly ugly football and we are winning! Surely that tells you that we are getting something right. If we can improve our skill level by 5-10% and get the forward line to function a bit better then we are well on our way.


It’s difficult.
I do think this has been his best coaching year, and as fun as it is to bash old wim on the head with the nerf stick, that’s been my position all year.

There are way less Picard moments.
Still a couple, but it’s not every damn week now.
To this point I’d give him a solid seven.
But that is not to say I think he’s the coach for us going forward.


I said we showed up in the last 15 minutes of the game. Thankfully GWS were awful too. I don’t know where I said anything about how it looked.

I used that all up in the second half of last season.


You said the game was terrible AND we played badly. I misinterpreted what you meant.


Fair enough. And we’ll always be on a different page if that’s the case.


It’s kind of why I asked for a score. And not just from you but others. There is so much toing and froing by many on here that the big picture view can get lost.

I’d say you’ve been critical but fair. But since you’re such an argumentative ■■■■■■■ it can get lost :slight_smile:


I’m very old school.
And while the basics aren’t being done to the level I’d like, I can’t deny that they’re so much better this year.
Manning the mark properly.
Keeping the ground ball in front of you.
Not going to ground in the contest.
Not giving up the chase just because you probably won’t catch him.
Staying in the play, disposal is not the end of your contribution.
Kicking to advantage.

None of these things are where I want them to be but they are Better than they’ve been in a long, long time.

Our seventy to thirty work is friggin’ dire, though.
It’s killing us. Absolutely killing us.


I hear you about the old school stuff. The John Kennedy Snr cry of “just do” rings true.
Begrudgingly, as I hate them, but you have to give Hawthorn praise for their discipline in doing those things. And whatever else Clarkson tells them to do. I reckon if he told them to clap their hands three times and turn around on one leg while singing yank doodle dandy whenever the man is on the mark they will do it very single time.

And yes that crap final disposal /decision is killing us. It has to go hand in hand with being a consistently excellent team. Up to coaches and players to train the good stuff into them technically and mentally.


Hardwick - really wanted him ahead of knights. Posted regularly that I was shocked that he didn’t have more success at Richmond early because I thought he had it. I probably would have moved him on well before they become winners though…

Buckley - I really thought he was going to be an excellent coach. To be fair I also thought Voss and Hird would make excellent coaches. Clearly those three were the stand out players on the 90’s and all very very very smart with tactics and motivation etc. I expected the struggle buckley had early because he inherited an aged list that malthouse had absolutely squeezed every last drop out of. Not surprised to see Bucks doing well now that the list and team is rebuilt as his.

Dew - Really rate him but Suns (like Bolts to FC tbh) are cactus… like horrendously farked beyond all hope. I thought he would given them a tougher edge so I’m probably a bit disappointed.

Bevan - actually I thought bevan benefitted from the hard work of mccartney. I posted this at the time too… I thought the doggies jumped off BM too quickly and there were strong signs the list was coming together. The fact that the dogs have struggled for the most part, outside of the perfect 6 weeks of football they played to win a flag, I’m still not convinced he is a super coach.

I realise you were probably having a dig but those are my thoughts and I posted those thoughts at the time too… so it is not revisionist history.


You can tell when a team has turned the corner.
And you can see it before results show it, and you can see why.

Well, I mean…some people can.

There was a point under Clarkson when Hawthorn were terrible, but you could see what they were doing. And you could see that it was just a matter of filling the holes with the right people.

You could see it with the Bulldogs. Yes, Diggers, I know they got a good run with the umpires but teams that play like that generally do.
Again, you could see before the results were on the board that this was something that would work.

Our practice game against Richmond at Punt Road was like a Dasmascus moment for me.
They had a rubbish team.
They smashed us but that’s not the point.
The point is that, being there, you could see that whenever any player got in trouble, they had a 360 degree awareness of where to go.
Without looking, without thinking. Just complete faith that their guy would be where he needed to be.

That’s coaching.
That’s a contender.

And we’ve played some good football and we’ve played some bad football, this year and over the last three years.
But I’ve not seen that from us yet.

I’ve seen total domination that comes from simply better match-ups and confidence against certain teams. And god they’ve been great.
But that’s fool’s gold.

As a total structure I don’t see that from us.
And as well as we go, sometimes, as long as that’s the case, then I don’t fully believe in Worsfold.


Shut up, Wim.
No, you shut up.

See…our system breaks down.
Less often and less frustratingly than last year, but it does.
And it doesn’t break down due to our opponents.
It breaks down, still, because of us.

That’s not the whole story, but ■■■■■■ hell it’s part of the story.


I am still shaking my head that you can move Sheedy on and give it to a bloke who was coaching in the VFL, and didn’t have any experience even being a line coach in the AFL.

Then you surround him with poo. Just crazy.


It did last year