Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


Whether or not Knights was the right man, and just the fact that he was coaching guys he played against would suggest he wasn’t, the surrounding him with poo is relevant.

From soccer, and this isn’t the first time I’ve said it but I feel like it fits so well.
When Sheedy or Hird asked for a bus they were given a jet. When Knights asked for a bus he was told to walk.


Didn’t Sheeds coach players he played against?


Madden, certainly.
I guess Watson and Van Der Haar.
Hell, he played with Wood.

I take your point.
But my point is that none of those players would have seen him as a contemporary.

Fletcher, McVeigh, Welsh…totally would have.


An assumption though.

I didn’t think he was the right guy, I wanted Dimma. Whoever we picked was going to be in a bad place, replacing Sheedy the legend who didn’t want to go.


It’s an assumption based firstly on logic and secondly on club hot tea and scuttlebutt.

It’s…internet lore that there was significant friction with the senior players.
I can see why.
It’s tough to be told to lift your game by a guy you smashed in his prime.


and didn’t that go well…

But true about Hird, hence why he was given Whatever It Takes. An issue is that clubs talk about being patient and building for something, but then when it doesn’t come soon they forget it was meant to take time.


It’s funny - we have one of those in Ambrose. None of us could find a spot for him in our best team until he showed he was one of the best one on one defenders in the Afl this year.


Has to be a lock for most improved.
Yes, better than McGrath.


Well he did say “immediate”- I was just pointing out that Sheedy was a good coach but his first six games were ordinary.


Technically correct.
The best kind of correct.


Winning ugly is much better than losing pretty @saucy


I was pro Woosh and then I was anti Woosh and now I think I’m pro Woosh again.

I have no idea what the right answer is, I’m just tagging a long for the ride wherever it takes us.

Up the dons!!!


Yep, but I want another one at each end, to frighten the scheizer out of a Rampe or Birchall.


Personally I still can’t tolerate anything but a finals win this year. I honestly think there are 10-15 coaches out there who could have done better with our cattle. We have a good squad, we just can’t get the best out of them.

I still can’t see us making finals - all the models have us beating north Melbourne and just missing in 9th, and I can’t see us beating north Melbourne on the form of both teams


I think the side issue saucy was probably alluding to is winning ugly needs to have a purpose to it, it needs to be leading to something.
Granted we don’t know if it is or not yet, as it hasn’t happened.

All i know is, 2 years ago on anzac day when we exhibited the exact same poor skill yet won the game, i got abused with all sorts of things for calling it a cripple fight, and that i should just be happy with the win.

2 years on the skills of the players at this club are still so poor, and it hasn’t lead to any actual long term visible improvement.

If it leads to something later this year, then it is better, hell if it leads to something next year ditto.

but at present there is no actual evidence to suggest it will lead to anything, other than hope and on some supporters delusion (not you).


Amazingly that “Cripple fight” with terrible skills… had the same disposal efficiency as the 2018 Grand Final.

■■■■■■ West Coast and Pies were heading nowhere, that day.


Our skills do need to improve, but so does alot of the competition as well. We are “winning ugly” with a game style that does attack but doesn’t leave us exposed at the back when we turn it over, which has been a major problem of ours for about 10 years.


I never directly stated that it wasn’t. I am commenting on some people who seem to think we look much better, because of those wins. We clearly don’t look better.

I took far more out of our loss on Anzac Day, compared to what I have over the past two weeks. We haven’t been able to match that intensity since then.

We have also played Sydney last week. Who had no forward line.

And that game style didn’t work very well against West Coast.


that is very true.

our defence can get opened up, but said ■■■■ skills competition wide obviously means teams struggle to score just as much as we do.

it’s working at present. again the issue is does it work long term, in big games etc etc ( the winning aspect of it i mean).

that’s where the, time will tell part comes in.


That’s a fair point. Think we had a better team on ANZAC day too. I didn’t see alot of the swans game but I thought our intensity and endeavour was there against the Giants, the skills we not. In the last quarter we were them down and then attacked, which leads to another point.

I remember saying on here that it seemed a long time where we overran teams in the final quarter or seemed to come back and beat team in the final quarter (adelaide 2018, can’t think of any others recently), however we have done that in the past 2 weeks.