Good by Woosha -- Wim says almost everyone, including Wim, is very happy


I see what you mean. So the only player that can be missing from the ground is the winger from closest to interchange. And the six defenders and six forwards have to be in place?


Yes I think that will fix the anomaly of the 17 player team having a sneaky advantage. One of the commentary teams flagged this starting one player short and use of interchange as a possible advantage early in the season.


Id be instructing stringer to climb a goalpost this week. Its It’s obviously not against the rules


And we can kick long to Stringer who can take the ball at the highest point ever known in AFL. Will be a better strategy than kicking long to tippa, until Jakey twists an ankle on his re-entry.


Problem is the so called ROI you can get with smaller clubs like Storm becomes untennable. If they had a supporter base like ours, they too would struggle to give that level of ‘ROI’.

The Suns and Brisbane do much the same up here. In the pre season I took the kids to a Suns family day, lined up for 10 minutes and got autographs with all the players. How long would it take if you did something like that at Essendon.

That said, the day after the Suns game last year, the Bombers players walked over to a park opposite their hotel and signed autographs for about 20 minutes. It was low key and really good. Again could you do that in Melbourne and not be mobbed?

As an aside, is there any love for Vossie now he has done a lengthy assistant coach apprentership? Or will the crazy Brisbane days stay with him forever?


Not a fan of Woosha but all is forgiven if he allows one of our players to climb the goal post this week.
I need to see this.


Nice strategy, but should have taken all 6 defenders to the bench and create a 7 vs 1 on the wing.


I don’t think it was deliberate. I reckon it just shows how inept our game plan/players are


Just when Shiel is kicking for goal. He can mark it before it hits the post.


Yes WOB however you are counting previous AA players who may not be playing that kind of footy consistently for various reasons including injuries. The players are simply not playing at the level we expect of them or we have over-rated them or both?

Without mentioning the coaching staff and the coach. We haven’t got much time to diddle daddle about. This is the same photo negative as last year. Woosha used to talk about learnings, what did we learn?


So who would coach if not Woosha?


That’s the $5mil+ question.


it is, but they’ve now set a loophole for people because the have the head of the afl and the umpires boss saying “his intent wasn’t to shake the post” it was just a byproduct.

so now all you have to do is get someone to “run into the post” and claim their intent was to go past the post and compete for the ball.


Hence why i said its a development issue also. There’s a pretty good case that guys like heppell, merrett, and Hurley have gine backwards. Heppell and merrett in the prime of their careers. Hurley is a different case. I reckon hes just naturally slowed down. I legit thought heppell was destined to be in the top handful of mids in the game. Then i thought zerrett was going to be even better. Both of them have stagnated massively, imo. Not to say they are plsying poor by any stretch, but i know they are capable of more


the players, apparently it’s worsfolds mantra they self manage themselves, so why do the players need him as a coach ?


I am wondering if Blind Freddie could do too much worse than what we saw in the GWS, StK and SYD debacles.


Woosh on talking footy

“…very pleased with where we’re talking the foooty club…”

I can’t cop that. ■■■■ off Woosh.


Absolutely! We’re nailing each one of our strategic themes!



This one seems to be getting a lot of use this week…


In Rod We Trust!