Good by Woosha?


Geez he wasn’t giving much in the presser today and was very edgy.

Feeling the pressure I reckon.


Journo: What about you? Did you get away, have a break?



geez his press conferences are a waste of time.


Like his time coaching Essendon.


Imagine if Clarke wasn’t selected…


At this stage, if we get even one more premiership before I die I’ll be so relieved

I’m 36




If this was posted by a Melbourne supporter in relation to their last flag in 1964, they would have posted this in approx 1981. Today they’d be 72-ish and still waiting.

That’s you!!!


Well thanks cause I wasn’t having a bad enough day already… how depressing is that


For what it is worth as I do not believe in “I heard from my cousins best mate whose best mate knows…” stuff but I heard from a reliable source a dude who is a Huge Business Owner who “knows people” that there will be 5 Coaches saying adieu this season after the last game.

The tip is Scotty Burns or Ricky O for us.

Scotty Burns CV; not bad - He was an assistant coach of the West Coast Eagles from 2008 to 2013. On 8 October 2013, after missing out on the head coach job to Adam Simpson.
He accepted an offer to return to Collingwood as an assistant coach under head coach. After four years as Collingwood’s midfield coach, Burns accepted an assistant coach position at Hawthorn Football Club where he still is.

A tough nut as I recall.

Ricky Olarenshaw CV - A gifted AFL footballer, successful businessman and TV presenter, Rick Olarenshaw is one of the most recognisable faces in Australian sport.
Rick is an engaging, well informed and down to earth speaker who is well versed on all of sports big issues. With his unique mix of sporting, business and television success, Rick offers an insight into all facets of these three intriguing industries through his approachable, humorous and anecdotal delivery style.

That CV will NOT get you a AFL Head Coach Gig.

The guy I want back is the guy who is one of the most gifted AFL Persons never given a Fair Go in the History of this “make it up as you go” Corrupt Game. J. Hird.

PS Just watched Woosh speak to the media. It was 5 minutes of saying nothing.


Is that Brereton he nails? Please tell me it is!


I believe it is. Even if it’s not, I share your wish for it to be him.


Those chicken legs might be a giveaway. I was thinking either him or Russell Morris.


Would love Scotty to get a gig somewhere. Was an old school mate and my high school football skipper before heading down to Norwood


Lol…I came to comment on that too. We should all march down to the hanger and ■■■■ on his car…if that happens.


Ricky O? Can’t see it myself and we should go nowhere near anyone who hasn’t served an apprenticeship.


Luke Ball would help Scloty Burma’s case


You get my drift farming pho es




I think you need to change sources. Burns certainly in the mix for any jobs but Ricky O? Roy O would be just as likely.
Isn’t Ricky swanning about in Bali these days?