Good by Woosha?


There is literally no way Ricky O would be coming back from Bali

The lifestyle he lives there and the multiple businesses he involved you wouldn’t give up, his partner is Balinese also.

Why would a club get someone like him involved anyway when he has been out of AFL environment for so long bar playing/coaching Bali Gecko’s!


Yes TNC you’re right though it was more than that for me. The skills they displayed were something else to what we are currently seeing. The players themselves had that inner will to win which is not as apparent now. Our game has definitely dropped and it shows. GFs are more ferocious in general but 1993 really stood out for me and I just think we lack that mongrel nowadays where even if half of that mongrel was put into our game it would be an improvement.


I’ll bite.

By “All in” do you mean a flag or making the finals?

I reckon most here didn’t see us as one player away from top 4. Maybe 5-8. What were the poll results?

The club initially only intended to give 1 pick and GWS swung the Scully deal and could play hardball.

The club too may not rate us as a top 4 threat this year but recognise it’s pretty rare for a player of Shiel’s ability and age bracket to be available.

He also fills a gap in leadership talent in the right age bracket of Merrett, Daniher etc.

I don’t think it’s a move just for this year - it’s about 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Added bonus: it sells memberships as the club is appearing to go “all in” for supporters that need a shiny object during trade week.


There is a safety net for each club, which is a first round draft pick. The worse the season, the better the pick. We know this.

When you remove the safety net, you effectively put all your money on black (or red). We have put all the chips on the table, and the worse our season is… the better draft pick GWS get.

Now I’m not saying what is success and failure, but if anyone honestly thinks that giving away 2 first round picks in 2 years and not playing finals in 2018 & 2019 isn’t a failure … then you’re as delusional as anti-vaxers.

It’s laughable that people are happy with the way this club is going. Until our form changes drastically, then We are staring down the barrel of a mass football department sacking.


So are you saying that taking Shiel was not the best option? I get the other part but cannot see why picking Shiel up was somehow not eh right thing to do? Even if we were no chance of making finals, you would still do that deal, just ask FCFC.

Your logic is sometimes very hard to follow other than “sack Woosha”.


Hang on, not playing finals in 2018 has nothing to do with the Shiel deal.
Give me Shiel and a 2019 second rounder any day, for your 2 first round draft picks.
Is there anyone in particular between pick 11 and 37 in the last draft that causes you anguish, bearing in mind we landed a mozzie at 38?


The ‘Shiel deal’ only makes sense, if we play finals.


Sheedy and Clarkson were/are both big on having players of similar ages come through… a third in the 28 to 32 yr old bracket, 22 to 28, 18 to 22… a mix preferably on every line. The players obviously have to deserve their spot on performance, not just age, but having this balance fosters better relationships, player development and onfield understanding between the players.

Missing years of round 1 picks will have an effect on this balance in years to come… and it’s in the years to come when we’ll be in a window… coz we ain’t there now


So if we miss finals this year and then make them next year does it not make sense?


Have you done the balance analysis on the current Essendon list?


It’s not an easy one to answer.

If we miss finals this year it would be an abject failure. And I think decisions would be made and plans changed at the end of the year.

In a year or two Hooker, who is our most important player will be done, and things will change again. They absolutely thought we would be successful this year. Just look at their list management decisions.

They will try to finesse us, as the season goes, but you can work it out for yourself by looking at the decisions they have made over the past two years.


I don’t understand why that is the case for this year alone? We got Shiel for every yea he plays not just to make this years finals.

Of all the things to want to sack Woosha over, this isn’t one of them.


He’s like a broken record on this, no point in arguing about it.


It’s a good mix now… Redman, McGrath, Lang, Clarke in the 18 to 22 bracket. The worry is on the next lot of 18 to 22 yr olds if they are mostly coming from picks at 30 to 50


or 4 or 5


Clarke pick 63
Merrett pick 26
Hooker pick 54
Redman pick 30
Tippa rookie
Fantasia pick 55
Zerk pick 66
Begley pick 31
Mosquito pick 38

Later picks are not the end of the world if they are surrounded by: Stringer, Saad, Smith and Shiel.


Getting Shiel has nothing to do with Woosha being sacked. But we did get Shiel because we were ready for finals, he was the cream on top of the cake. Failing to make finals this season is the reason Woosha should be sacked, and that alone.

You reckon he will play until he is 35 or 36? Will he still be as good at that age? I reckon it’s very unlikely. Could be wrong.


Possibly not, but no reason it might not happen. I do agree we need to plan for the future, but we also need to be mindful he may go on longer barring any major injury. Harry Taylor is 32 and still going well, not sure if he is planning on retiring yet or being pushed out.


I see, you mean the Ridley, Mosquito, Zerk Thatcher, Begley types?


Here it is;

18-22 = 15
23-28 = 16
29-32 = 8

Sheedy would be proud of that balance.