Good by Woosha?


I have posted a list of 30+ draft picks from a small sample.


Fair point. Still there is a lower chance of getting the players you need for a flag, the higher your pics. And Dodoros recruitment has not really contributed much in the way of flags and finals wins with his 98-99 draft pics his best effort (mcveigh, hille, Barnes etc.) in terms of onfield performance. Since then his recruitment work for the past decade hasn’t yielded much success. Obviously not all his fault.


He was using that to push his sack Woosha stuff and it doesn’t really make sense. While we would hope that him coming helps to push into finals, it wasn’t for this year alone we did it. It was to help with the lack of talent we seem to have in the midfield role, he was available and fit in nicely to that. It was the right call to make and revisionist positioning that some take is a little disingenuous.

Sure, we don’t make finals I agree Woosha should go but who we draft (as long as it isn’t a Crazy Voss fire sale) isn’t part of that equation.


Doesn’t seem to hurt Hawthorn terrible, or Sydney, or Geelong. In fact Geelong’s current list is cobbled together from a lot of cast offs.


I’m talking about the next gen of players, yet to be recruited.


Reckon the Hawks recycling luck has run out. Geelong have recruited well again, but they’ve always recruited Wells… see what I did there? Kill me.


You are talking about only a couple of players, we have that well and truly covered imo. You are also projecting 6 years down the track for any consequences and I just don’t see that happening with how we draft and who we draft.


Is there anyone in particular between pick 11 and 37 in the 2018 draft that causes you anguish, bearing in mind we landed a mozzie at 38?
As for the 2019 draft, we get a second round pick instead of a first rounder, plus more hits for next gen players.


By the way, he is my favourite player and I hope he does. I find it difficult to see him playing until then, his body type doesn’t seem conducive to that.

Getting Shiel has nothing to do with Worsfold. There are plenty of reasons for him to be sacked, this to me isn’t one of them.

Agree 100%.



I think I said at the end of last year when asked what was my non-negotiable for this year. It was we had to make and win at least one final. Anything less is a failure.


Anyone seen the whole press conference? Someone asked Woosha “what did you get up to during your break?” He replied “Don’t know. Why does that matter?”

I don’t mind difficult Woosha.


If 6 goal plus thumpings are just banished for every game of footy this team plays, I’d take that first…

Give me a side thats a competitive beast. Then lets talk outcomes.


Haven’t been following prospects for the 2019 draft. My concerns are based on the following:

Stringer Pick 5
Heppell 8
Hurley 5
Daniher and Shiel would have been top 10 in their respective drafts
Smith 15
Fantasia 55
Hooker 54
Merrett 23

Three of our top 10 players are Rd 2 and 3 picks… and the knock on Fanta was that he wasn’t durable enough to be picked higher… which may be justified, hope not. Our best mid tiers are mcgrath, Lang, Parish, Francis… all Rd 1. If we can’t lure any more high picks because of having used up the bulk of our salary cap for the next few years, and we don’t have 2 to 3 years of Rd 1 picks, then we miss out on those players in the future, when our window is more likely to be open. Our best are still, overwhelmingly, sourced from Rd 1 at the draft.


Given we sacrificed pick 11 in the 2018 draft for Shiel, what players did we miss out on after that pick? You should know because you’re worried about what we are missing out on in terms of round 1 picks.


what is the status of scott burns and ricky o’s hair cuts, on a scale of 1 to sensible?


Im worried because, based on our list, our best players mostly come from Rd 1 picks…and we’ll be missing out on Rd 1 picks.

That’s a perfectly sound rationale by itself.


So norf are 3 wins on the trot and getting hot but we are still stuck with our dud and looking like another wasted season.

Cant believe the club hasnt made a move yet… stuck forever in mediocrity because we are just a corporate shell for the afl.

Woosha will not win a final for efc. It is just a waiting game of how many seasons we throw away waiting for the penny to drop for those in charge. Was hoping they would move during the bye and maybe salvage this campaign… but no such luck.


I don’t know if it’s a fad or the future but in the last few years the teams that have/had greatly improved has come from coaches that have provided really positive feedback about players. Tigers, Eagles, Pies, Brisbane and to a lesser extent Bulldogs(2015&2016) have had coaches that have praised their players.
This is a huge contrast to how Woosha coaches. I’d argue that players have to prove their worth to Woosha constantly instead of playing with the confidence from praise that allows them the freedom to play on instinct. Kicking efficiency and maintaining structure can be impacted from overthinking and a lack of confidence as well as freedom.
Alas, maybe I’m trying to put two and two together to provide an answer.


I’m no fan of worsfold, but that is very very funny!!