Good by Woosha?


Year 12 remedial finger painting?


The Roos were always going to be a good chance of winning 2 of those games. The Richmond win was a good one though. How much of that was the change of coach factor? Not sure but you just have to look at the Blues on the weekend. That first week after changing is always a beauty.

We’ll see how the Roos are actually going over the next few weeks with GWS and the Pies.

If they get flogged in those games where do you stand then?


Spot on Klawdy. Let’s wait for a longer body of work before we declare the Roos booting Scott mid season a success. History tells us that the pressure cooker release on a club when a coach leaves mid year can result in improved performance.

Comparing the Roos to us makes no sense.


This is not true. There were 2 clubs that were finals chances, us and the Hawks, and 2 clubs that weren’t, the Blues and Saints that were after Shiel. Finals has nothing to do with that trade. If a player like that is available at his age and you have the currency then you get him regardless of where you’re list is at. When the team does start playing finals, he’ll be a huge factor in how far they can go.


Seriously, show me where the players say they aren’t putting in 100%???


or rather, he was a missing key ingredient to make a decent cake



Gave up 3 first round picks but brought in 4 players aged:
26 (at start of season) and easy top 5 pick
24 and premiership player

Hardly loading up for this year and only this year.
If we were chasing Fyfe and Dangerfield, then that would be for the “now”


Lol. Try again.


Yeah agree. They’ve recruited for a period of at least 5 years. And they’ve done it very well.


Try what again?

I suggest you listen to the interview.

I applaud that he openly admitted they weren’t prepared for the game and needed to work harder.

I would be more concerned if they didn’t.

That it has happened two years in a row is the biggest concern though.

lol indeed.


I’ve heard it.

The players haven’t said they’re not giving 100%. I don’t know how you come up with this rubbish.



That’s really clever man. About the standard i’ve come to expect from you.


Trolling is all I expect from you.

You deliver every time.


Just a touch of irony from somebody with your avatar. All class.


It’s a beauty isn’t it :joy:


would you two stfu?


You trolled on the other thread but you want us to shut up in this one?



I like a bit of feisty banter but it’s starting to get a bit tiresome. How about do it via PM and then post the transcript when done? :grin: