Good by Woosha?


It’s a thread called “Goodbye Woosha”. Doesn’t exactly lend itself to great football discussion.


Yet I’m drawn back to it like a dopey moth.


Me too. I could avoid all of my negative Blitz encounters by avoiding this thread, yet here i am… :roll_eyes:


Somebody has to keep the balance. :wink:


It sure beats doing work


one joke (■■■■■■, i admit) post from me versus a mountain between you two? ok, cool.


Wednesdays are the best day for trolling and arguing about nothing on blitz.

Once the team comes out on Thursday we can then commence Woosha bashing.


Change the thread to muted, so you can’t see it anymore. Why would you want to read something that makes you upset? We will be talking about it until he goes, so just put it out of sight, out of mind.

That’s what I do with threads that I have no interest in.


I didn’t say i had no interest in it. It’s just very repetitive. I guess I just have to settle in for the next 18 months and ride it out. :laughing:


It’s an extremely specific thread. It will be repetitive, because it’s about one topic.

I would say another 4-6 weeks. And then everyone will leave this thread and move over to the newly made “Who should be our new coach?” thread.


On a related note , is the ignore function ever a possibility of returning ?

Would make life awhole lot easier for everyone.


Who said that? :joy:


It would be ironic for that person because pretty much everyone would ignore them.


… in the force?


quoted for everyone to see. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had a saints supporter ask me today if the bombers would sack Worsfold.
I think it comes down to making finals, if he misses he will be gone.
if we make it and lose then 50/50 toss of coin.
If he wins a final then he will stay the course.

He was whinging about the saints, he reckoned Carlisle was cooked when he came to them, and that saints didnt do a medical on Hanneberry


Always happy to agree to disagree… I think the ‘coach change factor’ did directly contribute to all three wins.

I think the Roos will get beaten by GWS and Pies… but that won’t change my opinion on the correctness of the decision to change coaches. I expect the roos to continue to play a more physical inside game and I think that will serve them well moving forward.

I never rated Scott as a coach though, so I realise I am bias… even then… Scott had more success at the Roos than woosha has had and he still got booted. Woosha is now the longest serving unsuccessful coach in the league… that is my point. I know that some point to stability and the hardwick/buckley type comparisons… but on the flipside you can list a dozen coaches who were given a long tenure but never ever came good.

Essentially I will not change my mind on Woosha until he helps EFC win a final this year… which was the MINIMUM benchmark that most agreed on. I still would sack him now and see if we can somehow make a late charge.


If you’re using a win over the Suns as evidence of anything, almost every coach will deserve an extension.

They’ll finish bottom 3 for sure.


This warms the cockles of my heart.


I question the competence of anyone who would willingly be your friend.