Goodbye Tuco, Eli Wallach gone at 98

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the Magnificent 7 are 2 of my all time favorite movies because of his characters.


Great, and I think, under rated actor.


"when you have to shoot.... Shoot! Don't talk."

Yes great movies, but you need to see the original ones…Magnigicent 7 is a remake of a Japanese movie 7 Samurai, and Yojimbo is the original of Fistful of Dollars.

Great work Hollywood

Yes, have, but like these more.

Is Lee Van Cleef still with us?

Is Lee Van Cleef still with us?


No, he died a long time ago.

He had a ripping face.

He had a ripping face.


Very villainous.

I reckon this guy was an under-rated actor who just wasn't the darling of the Hollywood circus.


His body of work is very good.