Goodbye Woosha


Goodbye. Hes gone. ■■■■ off


Hello Stringer


I just hope we don’t wallpaper over the cracks, buying Woosh time, by doing some bullshit comeback to nearly win after being down by 40 in last qtr.




I probably shouldnt even start a thread like this, but ■■■■ it anyone here defending this ■■■■ even if we win is a disgraceful supporter


If the coach doesn’t care why should the players? They’re regressing


Called it last week.
Gotta go


He won’t go until like Round 17 at the best, do you guys even pay attention to this club?


Hey i agree, but ill accept knowing its round 17


Imagine going to a mortgage broker and paying them a large sum to get you a good deal and a while later you come back and they say “oh yeah, just google cheap home loans and you’ll find something”. That’s how I feel today about watching us play after the preseason.

What have we been working on all summer? What do we have to show for it now?

Also, can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker?


That’s cute.


Go bombers


Very uninspiring leader.


Would take a fantastic second half to save him.


I said in 2016 he shouldn’t have been hired to start with. Had to be convinced to coach us.

Board members have a lot to answer for. They want to look for good Essendon people when they themselves are not good essendon people.


Horrid display


Im ■■■■■■■ sick of seeing people defend mediocre footballers like mckenna tipungwuti and bellchambers (many many more) for no ■■■■■■■ reason


■■■■ coach coaches like ■■■■. Why would anyone be surprised? Anyone who bought Neeld as the scapegoat is a moron. Clappers are braindead farktards.


He needs to go.


Seeya later ■■■■ off.