Grand Final Day Poster Sales - seeking volunteers!

greetings all!


Each year the Pied Pipers help sell the GF posters at the MCG, raising money for the Royal Children's Hospital.  These are the posters that used to be done by WEG, and are now done by Mark Knight. 


Last year we raised over $80,000 on the day!


There were a number of Blitzers who volunteered last year, and we're looking for help again this year.  You'd be needed from approximately 4pm til 7pm, and would be part of one of the teams positioned at different locations around the concourse outside the ground. It's fast, furious, and great fun!


Rain, hail or shine, we sell! so you'd need to dress according to the conditions on the day (yes, you do need to wear pants :P)


If you are able to help out, please send me a PM!


cheers :)




I just registered. Thsi this is great. you get to give ■■■■ to both the winners and losers.