Great Weddings

Went to one last night. Australian bloke married his Brazilian partner. Excellent combination. Food, music, company, all excellent. Then they introduced an actual Carnivale dancer. OH MY GOODNES!. When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio, da da da daaa, my-oh-me-oh… Possibly the best wedding ever.


Mine was on a day like today Really Hot.
Outside in a bayside backyard.
Anniversary in 2 weeks.
We were the last to leave.
Ended up sleeping in the Kombi on the front lawn


@Bacchusfox must have some good stories.


Maybe put the wedding cakes in some sort of order.

How were the various bands?

I did a shoey after my speech at a wedding in Airlie beach a month ago, it was well received

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Just having a quick break from my son’s wedding today…farking 43 degrees…


once took a casual job as a wedding waiter as a way to meet different people.

The best weddings were always Irish Catholic IMO. Everyone drunk as skunks :smile:

Always liked the Greek weddings as well.(a mate married a Greek girl and I loved the drinking traditions at the reception.)

The Greek whisky dance should be an Australian tradition IMHO.


At least he’ll always be able to say his Missus looked HOT on her wedding day … :wink:

Give him a kiss for me.


Backyard weddings are my favourite
Everyone mingles together and usually kick on well into the morning

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One of the best and funniest weddings I’ve been to, my cousin ( who I was fairly close to but haven’t seen much of since leaving Melbourne) married a Macedonian girl.

2pm church service, all his/our side of the family there on time all waiting for the bride and her family. 2.30 no bride but a few from her family arrive. Think it was the grooms mother who asked one of them, is she coming? Yes they say, 3pm still no bride.

My father had had enough of waiting by 2.30 and had gone out to the car to listen to the footy, we were playing Melbourne that day. I should of gone with him.

Finally they rock up at 4.00 ceremony goes for an hour , with incense, dinging bells etc. My father didn’t come back until the footy was over.

Off to the reception place, lots of drinks while bride and groom have photos taken, dinner served and the music starts. Italian band playing mostly Italian music. They play for 30 minutes then break. A Macedonian band takes over (Greek style music played), they break after 30 minutes and back come the Italian band, this went on all night. Was weird but a great time was had by all.

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Did we beat Melbourne?

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My mate had the best allocation of funds I’ve ever seen for a wedding.

  • Bucks Night / Week = Ibiza
  • Wedding ceremony = Registry Office
  • Wedding reception = Beer Garden of the Pub he was running
  • Honeymoon = a month in the Maldives

That’s how you allocate wedding funds.


Yep, by 35 points. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I love a good wedding and mine have all been memorable.

I did enjoy the divorce parties much more though.


Hope you speeched the Hell out of him.

As it turns out - I really (really) hate making speeches. But I did ok. Had a number of people come up and and tell me that it was nice, and the Bride/Groom loved it, so all’s good :slight_smile:


The wedding reception at the beginning of The fookin’ Commitments.

I always pictured myself as the ould fella who’d fallen asleep until the little beggars tripped over his feet while running round the room. “F**k off!”

Do they censor every fookin’ 4-letter word that starts with f and ends with k?