Greg Anderson - SA Football HoF induction

One of my favourite players as a kid, loved watching him and his flowing mullet streaming off the wing ready to let fly with his long left foot. Cost himself a flag by moving to the Crows in 1993, but he will always be a fave of mine. Congrats Ando!


He was a favorite of mine too.
A very underrated player who stepped up big time between 1989 and 1992.
He had some big games against Hawthorn and Collingwood in that time.

Loved him as a player. Was always disappointed he didn’t hang around for 93. He loves EFC.


Been told he’s an absolute ripping bloke as well. A mate of mine from SA is a massive Port man pre-AFL, Ando was one of his heroes too. We have a fair few arguments, doesn’t like the fact that I said Wanganeen made a mistake going back to Port…

Member of the Mullett Hall of Fame


Can back that 100%.
I still see Ando probably once a month and he is very humble and probably doesn’t realise how good he was or atleast he doesn’t bring it up.
Disappointed he left at the end of 1992 as he was AA in 93 and missed the Premiership. He speaks glowingly of Essendon but his first love will always be Port Adelaide. After all the years of just missing out on a flag he won back to back flags with Port in his final 2 years of football whilst playing for the Crows. The 1995 SANFL especially holds a very dear spot to his heart


He was a jet. One of my favourite players.

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Great hairstyle.

Had a few things going for him but overall thought he was over rated - always did the shake the head from side to side stuff when chasing, could butcher the ball better than Hills on occasions.

He’s still sporting the long locks. Genuine rock star

May fav player as a kid in the late 80’s.

As other have said, his mullet flowing out the back as he sliced through the field was a wondrous sight of grace and beauty.

Was a sad day for me when he left.

Yes he is!