Few years ago I put together a quiz around very early 1900’s footy. Alot of names stuck in my head.

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I’m ■■■■ at numbers

Fair bit of Essendon representation today.

Even could have added Graham Moss as one of the squares.

How can egan be more pooular than kelly!!

Gridley 66 - 8/9

Rarity: 125

■■■■■■ didn’t give me Andrew Lovett for Stk/Ess :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Needs to have played a game for both clubs.

you can use your undo


Not bad today

That top left corner is a killer. Only six eligible answers and none are particularly niche.

What shocks me is Jackson Merrett being 10x more popular than Alwyn Davey in middle bottom.