Guess the location (a new game)


My third visit will be with the fam. I will aim for the summer months, as I reckon the little fella would enjoy seeing the turtles lay(ing) their eggs on the beaches. I know an elderly bloke living there and he has offered his land to us (to camp) for 1,000 yen per night, so I may load up the rucksack and go with that option. Can also put you in touch with him (if that is a viable option for you and your fam down the track). Highly recommend. The seaside onsens (when the tide goes out) are fun, but they are ‘konyoku’ style. This may sound like fun at first, but when you are faced with 90-year-old grinning ladies with no teeth, it can be a bit disconcerting. :blush:


Mount Buller?




No :slight_smile:


tongariro & ngauruhoe?




Ok then.
Guessing now.
Pucon Chile?


Oooh, very good guess.

That’s Villarrica taken from Pucon.

It’s blown its top since then.


I’m in read-only mode for couple of hours, so someone else can have a go.


While we’re waiting here’s a different shot of Villarrica



Nice photo Deckham. I’ll guess with Wilson’s Prom












Is it in Western Australia?




Northern New South Wales? Just south of Tweed Heads maybe? I’ll go with Fingal Point if I have to be specific.