Guess the location (a new game)


Not in WA.

New Coleman was closest.


Point Suite on Heron Island?


Hmmm :thinking: Yeppoon :+1:
Maybe Armstrong’s Monument is behind you?


Pretty Good Keppel Island?


Yeah was really good. 1st island I worked back in 2006. The resort closed around 2008. Beautiful beaches. Rusted old lighthouse. Brilliant snorkeling and fishing. There is a golf course. There was lots to do there, or just relax. I had Vodafone back then and the only way to get reception was sit in red deck chairs on the beach, anywhere else, no mobile coverage. :laughing:


We will get back to U :yum:


Extraordinary! Over to you, with bonus BB points.




While we’re waiting: I guess this is at the the bottom of high st (Sort of between Northcote and Clifton hill)

(& then back to you @JohnRain when you’re ready. )


I’ll go once @tinhillterror has confirmed yes for the location of his pic.


What is it?


Assuming TNC is right, It’s one of those small memorials made from local volcanic rock. There used to be many in local parks in that area


I thought it was a pizza oven.


Location is definitely correct, but who knows what it is. Faces into 4 lanes of traffic, so not much use to anyone.


Ahhh! I remember that now! Just off Westgarth St.


Think I’m up after my earlier guess (after the name of the building and city).


Nakatomi Plaza.


:rofl: - nice try, but no. Love Die Hard - one of the all time great action movies.




In the old days they had a water fountain for drinking, so they were useful back then.