Guess the location (a new game)




government Yoyogi building Tokyo


Shinjuku Docomo Tower to be specific


Yep, you got it…


Finally somewhere I’ve been.


Well… given the EK Holden (and the lime-green Gemini in the background) it’s clearly in Oz…
But then… I’m being thrown by Val Kilmer… :slight_smile:


Bingo! NTT Docomo Building in Shinjuku.


Acland Street, St. Kilda?


Shopfronts on the other side of the street look awfully familiar.
Greville St, Prahran? Late 80’s-early 90’s…


We stayed in an airbnb across the road from the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden so saw pently of that building.

not Acland St but that’s the right kind of vibe.


Yep - that’s where the pic was taken from.


You got it, period and all. Devine Decadence hairdresser.

I started my first band with the dude leaning over the EK. He had a black one and I had a blue one. Weren’t we cool :grin:


My parents first car was an EK, and my first car was a lime-green Gemini, so got two touchstones from my life in the one photo.
Did your mate ever pull chicks off the back of a passing resemblance to Paul Stanley?
BTW, that place was a hair salon, right?


Spent an awful lot of time going to Greville Records (would park in the supermarket carpark and walk up) around that time.


Yes Devine Decadence was one of the first places to get the glue gun thingys for adding dreadlocks. It was the place to be. Debbie Harry came in to get her hair done. Greville Records was next door I think.


If you’ve been there, you’ll know it instantly…


Is that a demolished Stalin statue?


Yep, it is - but where?


Is it in Kiev?


No. Not Ukraine.